Spring Cleaning – The Bathroom

Shower and Tub: Scrub as you normally do, this time also removing your shower curtain to launder or use a heavy duty soap scum remover to get the grime off of shower doors.

Toilet: Get into all of those nooks and crannies, and that includes the parts that no one sees behind the porcelain throne and underneath.

Medicine Cabinet: Remove everything from your medicine cabinet and any other cupboards or cabinets you use to store bathroom products and thoroughly clean all surfaces. You’ll be surprised at how much soapy residue or old shampoo – or just plain dust – has accumulated in there. This is a great time to throw stuff out- and don’t be bashful! If you feel bad about throwing away half-full cosmetics or shampoos, put them in a yard sale. People will buy them.

Sinks and Mirrors: Follow your usual routine, but this time, add q-tips to your arsenal to really get into each crevice of your mirror and bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom Trash Can: Can liners only can do so much from keeping dirt and germs from the surface of your trash can. Spring cleaning is a great time to actually clean and deoderize this container. Hint: the tub is a good place to do the cleaning, before you scrub the tub.

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