Spring Cleaning – Living Room

Couches and Chairs: Use the vacuum cleaner attachment for crevices to get underneath the cushions of your couch. This might also be the time to rent an upholstery cleaner and steam clean the fabric of your couches and chairs.

Tables, Lamps and Knick-knacks: Dust and fully wipe your tables, lamps and knick-knacks. Don’t forget to vacuum the lampshades as they tend to get extremely dusty.

Bookcases: Remove all books from your bookshelf and clean the shelves. Don’t forget to dust the books before putting them back!

Entertainment Center and Electronics: If you’ve got a wooden entertainment center or armoire, you should dust and polish the wood surfaces. If you’ve got a laminate, an all-purpose cleaner will do. Most stereos can be cleaned with a damp rag. For your television, there are different cleaning methods depending on what kind of set you own. If you have an older, traditional tube, you can use glass cleaner and a rag. Avoid paper towels for any electronics because the paper fibers could slightly scratch the surface. If you have plasma screen, use just a clean damp cloth. If there is serious dirt, you can mix it with a gentle cleanser, but try to avoid using any cleansers if possible. For LCD screens you want to be especially careful. Wipe very gently with a damp cloth, then dry immediately with a dry cloth. Don’t press onto the screen or you could damage the display.

15 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – Living Room

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  2. Begin by gathering up all the clutter in your living room. Anything that doesn’t belong in the living room should go into the container or box. Don’t spend your time running back and forth to all the other rooms in the house trying to place every item. Put the items in the box and set the box aside in a room that you know your guests won’t be using.

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