How To Guide: Building Your Personal Wood Bar By Diana Smith

What’s a better way to complete your man cave than to add a fully functional bar to it? Better yet, expand your horizons and create a barrier between the kitchen and the living room by placing the bar between the two areas. The possibilities are endless. And in order to get the whole experience, it’s only fair to build the bar using your own two hands and a set of proper tools. You don’t need to be an experienced carpenter to build a bar; all you need is some time, materials and this simple tutorial to guide you through the steps:image-1

Gather the Tools and Materials

Before you officially start with the project you’re going to need to do some shopping. The first thing you should do is measure the space you have available and decide on the size of the bar. Depending on the said measurements, you should equip yourself with screws, a saw, glue and a drill bit. Once you gather the tools, you’ll need 6 pieces of 2×4 lumber, a trim to cover the whole framework and an MDF board for the bar top.


Create the Framework

Use the saw to create the bottom and top plates for the framework. It’s crucial for the plates to be exactly the same size, so it’s smart to use a miter saw for this job. Make lines along the plates where you wish to place the wedges and screw them between the top and bottom plates.image-3

Support Is Crucial

One of the most important parts of building a bar is making sure that it’s supported properly. Depending on the length of the bar, you might need to fasten it to the wall or the flooring, but if your bar follows the whole length of the room, this step might not be necessary. The second step is building additional support in a form of two rectangular blocks that you’ll attach to the wedges. You can add an additional block of support if you wish to add shelving to your bar. Cover the wedges with several 2x4s to make support for the bar top.image-4

Install the Shelving

This step is quite optional, but if you decide to add shelving to your bar, all you’ll need to do is to secure the shelf boards with screws to the support. The most important step when choosing shelves is deciding on their optimal height, but if you’re indecisive, it’s a good idea to place multiple shelf units. This way you can use the bottom shelves as storage for drinks and ingredients and the top one as a working area.

Place the Bar Top

Attaching the bar top is one of the final steps of the project, so it’s important to conduct it properly. The length of the bar top should be equivalent to the length of the bottom plate of the framework, while the width should be the size of the stabilizers you used for the support of the bar top. It’s best to use a hand saw for this job and then to screw the board from underneath to adjust it properly.


Finish with A Bang

Once you’ve finished with the technical aspect of building a bar, it’s time to add the finesse. This includes applying a specific material or cladding for the front of your bar; adding bar stools and even installing foot railing or adding LED bulbs for the ultimate effect.

While a project of this extent might seem a bit daunting, it’s important to realize that you don’t need professional assistance if you only learn how to master a few basic steps and follow a simple tutorial. With just a bit of effort and patience, you can have your own personal bar in no time.






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