Christmas Tree Decorating Idea Mickey Mouse On White Tree

10857798_1533922710189061_576777085322614259_nI have been asked by several comments to give more instructions and to also provide information as to the materials and where we got them.  First the Mickey Mouse was a huge four foot mickey we purchased from a department store during Black Friday. We cut the hands, feet and head off. We took stuffing from the body and stuffed the hands, feet and head so that they were very firm. We sewed the hands, feet, and head closed leaving a small section in the middle for a PVC pipe to be pushed into and secured with E6000. We purchased black and red ornaments that were glass. In hindsight I would have purchased shatterproof because we had a small one in the house and she thought it was just a huge play toy – lots of lessons taught. We purchased wide red ribbon that had the texture of burlap that was red and had glitter on it. We used a six to seven foot white tree that we purchased from a department store which costs about $65.00. We attached the feet and hands to one of the branches coming out of the tree with white twine in several spots to give good anchoring. The head was attached pretty much the same way but it went down at an angle so it got attached to three branches that it was near. The ribbon was tried back through and around the trunk with the bow placed to the front. I also used a couple of twist ties to tie to the branches that were around. I made three holes evenly around the hat and tied white ribbon onto them so the hat could be attached at the top and not come off. Play with the design of the hat – we went back and fourth to decide how it needed to look – completely of the top of tree or just keep above Mickey’s head. Hope this all made sence – but if you have questions please ask within the comments.

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57 Responses to Christmas Tree Decorating Idea Mickey Mouse On White Tree

  1. Jill says:

    I would love to know how this was done.

  2. Clarice Ross says:

    Just wondering where you got the stuff for the mickey mouse Christmas tree

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is gorgeous! Did you make the Mickey Mouse head, hands and feet or did you purchase them?

    • Hi, It is really neat isn’t it. We bought a huge Mickey Mouse on a black friday event for fifteen dollars. We cut him apart and did so carefully so if we wanted to we could reattach. Kids loved it and someone I know who loves everything Disney wanted to drag it out to her car and take it.

  4. Kayla Paul says:

    I was wondering where you found these items to make the Mickey Mouse tree? Thanks in advance

  5. Tracy says:

    What size Mickey did you use? Is that just red and black ornament balls? Did the bow come with Mickey?

    • Mickey was a five foot tall stuffed creation – he was a big huggable version we got at Walmart during the black Friday event. Yes – obtain these in the tall tubes with all one color per tube. I wished I had gotten ones with different textures – I don’t think it would distract from the design. The bow did not come with Mickey – we made that from a wide ribbon on spool we got for like six dollars.

  6. Selena says:

    How did you get the mickey mouse pieces to stay put? Did you put something to male them stay in place?

  7. Arelis roig says:

    Where can I get that Mickey Mouse face and hands for my tree

  8. Anonymous says:

    Are you interested in selling the Mickey head?

    • Sorry – I no longer have it. The tree was donated for an auction the second yer around.

      • Cindy says:

        I’m so IN LOVE with your Christmas tree. Now I am wondering how you did this cuz I want to make it like this this year!

      • Hi Cindy, Thanks for your comment – we used a seven and a half foot white pre-lit tree. TheMickey was a very large stuffed doll that we removed the head, hands and feet from. We attached these to pvc pipe to allow it to be attached to the trunk of the tree. We then added the glass (you could use the shatter resistant ornaments) in red and black to create his top and pants. Then we added the bow and Santa hat which we purchased already made. Hope this helps – if you have questions please let us know.

  9. Marilyn Badillo says:

    I would love to order this Mickey Mouse tree. Is this an optional?

  10. Jennifer says:

    Love this!!! My son is 2 1/2 and lives anything Mickey! I just ordered my white tree to do this with for a smaller 22nd tree in my house for him.

  11. Darlene says:

    Yes how and what did you use for the head hands and feet ?

    • We used a seven and a half foot white pre-lit tree. The Mickey was a very large stuffed doll that we removed the head, hands and feet from. We attached these to pvc pipe to allow it to be attached to the trunk of the tree. We then added the glass (you could use the shatter resistant ornaments) in red and black to create his top and pants. Then we added the bow and Santa hat which we purchased already made. Hope this helps – if you have questions please let us know.

  12. Kathy says:

    How did you keep the white stuffing from coming out of the head and feet.

  13. Nicole Thomas says:

    Is it possible to get step-by-step instructions on how to do this

  14. Anonymous says:

    Man I wish you had a video to show us

  15. Denise says:

    I really love your tree. I am was only able to fine a 30″ mickey- do you think this will work – or can you tell me where you think I could fine a larger mickey.

  16. Denise says:

    I found a 30″ mickey but was unable to fine a large one – at less at any reasonable price – found one for $109.00 online. Can you tell me were to fine one at a reasonable price?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am in the process of creating one for my 25 year old son. I finally remarried after 18 years of being a single mom and he was kind of depressed that I have to have all my things packed and ready to be moved to the next military base with my husband so I decided to make him a Christmas that represented where we have always had the most fun….One that he can keep and hopefully carry on with his family one day.Our family for the last umpteen years has made an annual pilgrimage out to either Disney world or Disneyland. I am actually creating the actual head, feet and hands with a bunch of fabric from Joann’s fabrics.

    • Pled pictures when you can – creating the Mickey from scratch is a big undertaking but will make it so much more special to your son. Hes surely going to give you a big smile of gratitude! Thanks for sharing your story!

  18. Diana says:

    a group of us are making this tree for a fundraiser. I will let you know how we make out!

  19. Tricia says:

    I really love this tree my house is all mickey mouse. My problem is I don’t have the time or the craft skill to do this. I will be willing to pay if u could make me one. Doesn’t have to be for this year. Please let me know

    • I could probably get and make everything except the tree since that would weigh a bit. The tree we used was from Walmart and I believe it was $39.99 or $49.99. It would have to be next year some time. It would be cost of supplies (and I will provide a receipt + shipping) and then we can agree on a price for labor. Please contact me in the later summer next year! I look forward to it!

  20. taniqua says:

    So far i have everything up except Mickey himself….. hard trying to find the materials

  21. Adrien says:

    I did this. I used the Mickey hands I got from Disney World. For the feet, I used my yellow slippers I also got from Disney. For the head, I used my Mickey pillow that I got from the Disney store. It took some brain power to get everything to stay on the tree but I did it!!! Love my Mickey Mouse tree. Thanks for posting the picture.

  22. Holly says:

    Hi! I’m planning on this for my secondary tree this year. Instead of glass ornaments, however, I am making my own red and black pompoms! I’m wondering if you had any idea how many balls of each color you used?


  23. Jasmine Martinez says:

    I love your Christmas tree we are finally purchasing a home and would love to startalk new traditions that represent us. Do you have step by step instructions on how you attached the mickey parts to the tree?

    • Yes, after preparing the piped arms and legs we took a selected branch that would position the arms and legs properly and used a fine wire and wrapped the pipe to this branch repetitively all the way down the branch and then to the trunk. They actually have fine wire that are different colors (white) that make this easy to do. Hope this helps!

  24. Michelle says:

    I’ve always wondered if you experienced any issues with the weight of the head, arms, and feet to be a bit heavy and weigh down the branches so they sag and leave gaps. I have all the items needed and want to assemble everything for this Christmas but always wondered if the branches are enough to support the weight or if you somehow attached everything to the trunk of the tree in addition to the branches. What size PVC pipe (diameter) did you use and how far into the arms, head, and feet did you insert the pipe? Also, how much pipe did you leave exposed to attach to the tree? I know you mentioned that stuffing from the body was used to make sure the limbs and head were really firm but did you add extra stuffing before or after inserting the PVC pipe? This tree has been 2 years in the making and last year I finally purchased everything on clearance after Christmas and I’m so excited to have it ready this year!

    • Using a 3/4″ thick pvc – drill 2″ all the way through on one end 2′ from the end – this will need to have wire placed through and then this will wrap around trunk to give optimal support – then lay this pvc on the stem of the tree will give you the proper placement to attach the hand to and generously wrap this with wire wrapping it around the pvc and the tree trunk (use white wire) – the pipe goes all the way to the outside edge of fabric inside hand/foot – yes keep adjusting the stuffing after you get the hands/feet wired to tree – I think I answered all of your questions and I surely hope I helped. If there are any other questions please let me know. Also, when you are done, please send a picture and I will add it to the post if you like – I would love to see it done!

  25. Shannon Williams says:

    I just saw this today and I am a HUGE Disney fan! I went out and got what I needed and all that is left to do is to make it! Thanks for Sharing your Mickey Tree!

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  27. Val De Santiago says:

    I would love to do this. Do you have a video to watch.

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