Christmas Tree Decorating Idea Lush Foliage On Mannequin

10845923_10152903263185797_5222829649596591946_nA mannequin is used to create a beautiful Christmas tree. Lush greens were adds to make a skirt with tucked in white lights added between layers of green. Small flowers were added as well. A necklace made of the same flowers added to the skirt were added.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Decorating Idea Lush Foliage On Mannequin

  1. Love your Christmas tree dress. I have one, too, but I decorated form with beaded top and long riffled skirt; then I added Victorian style ornaments and lights. Then I decorated a lovely hat for her head. I keep it in my living room and use as my Christmas tree, along with a three foot white tree decorated with similar ornaments. It’s a real conversation piece! Love your creativity. Judy Pollard


    • Thank you Judy – if you have the time I would love to see some photos – and if you like we could make a post credited to you – just send us some pictures and a write up of what materials you used and how you made it. Hope to hear from you soon!


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