Taking Care of Perennial Flowers

The benefits of perennial flowers are many, and the main advantage is that they bloom each year, unlike annual flowers which need to be planted on a yearly basis. It is true that the flowers of perennial plants do not usually last for the entire season, but their foliage is lasting and remains verdant until late in the autumn.
Taking Care of Perennial Flowers
Perennial flowers include sun loving perennials and shade preferring perennials. The group of the former includes peony, poppy, salvia, black- eyed Susan, geranium, and many more. Shade perennials include plants such as bleeding heard, Solomon’s seal, violet, spiderwort, etc.
Taking care of perennial flowers is essential to maintain them attractive and healthy. For example, when they grow exuberantly, they get too crowded, and they do not flower attractively and efficiently. Then it is time to dig them out and replace them with new plants, or some parts which re well rooted can be planted individually to give the plants a new start.
Taking Care of Perennial Flowers2
In the beginning perennial plants are slow growers, and the reason is that during the first year of their growth they use the time to develop their root system. Then, when it has been fully established, perennial flowers start to grow, and their flowers become more attractive and appealing year in, year out.
The choice of perennial flowers for your Putney garden is difficult, because there are lots of them on offer, in flower shops and garden centres. Shops selling flowers and garden items are replete with perennial plants for sale, both early in the spring and in the autumn. There are both commonly grown perennial flowers and more unusual varieties which can be bought to add a new look to the garden. The abundance of perennial flowers on offer in Internet stores is even more impressive. People can take the time to choose and order the best perennial plants they find online.
Shopping for perennial flowers is advisable in the end of the summer, when they are available at reduced rates.
The care that should be taken of perennials includes providing the sufficient amounts of water and enough feeding. The need for water varies with different plants, and there are moisture loving as well as drought tolerating ones, as well as varieties whose needs are in between. The needs of perennials for water should be taken into account when choosing them for specific garden conditions. But water is a crucial factor for healthy growth, because it the roots to get established and to expand after the plants are inserted in the ground. Feeding is equally important for robust and more exuberant growth and blooming. All purpose garden fertilisers are good feeding agents, but perennial flowers should not be fed when autumn is approaching and the growth of all plants starts to slow down.
Perennial flowers grow for minimum two years, and a decade as the maximum. When good care is taken of them, and they receive enough water and food when they need it, they are certain to delight with their beauty for as long as possible. Perennial plants are definitely a good companion throughout the year.


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