The Best Paint Colours For Your Living Room

Keeping in mind the fact that a living room is the place where a family spends most of the time with each other or with friends, it’s essential that the space is nicely decorated. The colours of the walls have a great influence on people’s mood, so choosing the perfect paint for the walls can be challenging. If you take into consideration the fact that a living room can look smaller or bigger depending whether it’s painted in a lighter or darker shade, the challenge becomes even greater.

logs-1807830_960_720Raging Red

It’s been said that red is the most intense colour that raises the energy level of a room. This hue is the one that increases the adrenaline, blood pressure and stirs up excitement. It’s highly recommended shade for living rooms, since that is the place of frequent interaction among people. A room with red walls brings people together and promotes communication, so be sure to consider any shade of red when choosing the paint for your living room. A bold colour such as red, requires a bit calmer shade of accent elements. Therefore, match white shelving and white moulding with the energetic red. What’s more, if your entryway is connected with the living room with only an archway, paint the walls of an entryway in deep yellow, to achieve the terrific contrast and unique living room feel.

couch-1835923_960_720Bold Blue

Periwinkle blue is a fantastic colour for living rooms, since it encourages relaxation. Cerulean and turquoise shades are as good as periwinkle, so feel free to experiment by matching all of these shades together to create a one-of-a-kind design. To make the room look bright, yet sophisticated, incorporate white tones into the living room decoration. Periwinkle walls in combination with white windows and furniture would look very classy. Add blue cushions, lamps, and a rug to create the room you’ll always feel comfortable at. If you want to add a real pop of colour to your living room, feel free to match cerulean walls with red furniture. If the room has plenty of natural light, the combination of these two colours would liven up the space perfectly. With a couple of white accents, like vases, lamps or rugs, the room will look fabulous.

living-room-1597078_960_720Go for Grey

Grey is one of the best shades to choose if you want to achieve the monochromatic scheme in the living room. Going from deep grey to the lightest shade will create a truly unique feel in the room, and look polished as well. A combination of light grey walls, deep grey furniture, and patterned accents is all you need for the room everyone will feel comfortable at. If you’re not an expert in painting walls, there are a number of highly qualified professional painters in Sydney who can help you achieve the ultimate goal. To brighten up the space a bit, feel free to add green accents, like flowers, figurines or vases.

Crème de la Crème

One of the favourite colours of most interior designers is cream and all its shades. Starting from ivory, beige, and all the way to eggshell and seashell, cream hues will make every home look elegant and polished. What’s more, it can be perfectly combined with any colour, which is another reason we all love this shade. If your living room is small, cream shade will visually enlarge the space a bit. Combine seashell walls with ivory furniture to get a clean classy look. If you have a large living room, with big windows that allow the daylight to fill the room, painting the walls dark brown, and adding white mouldings would look amazing. In combination with ivory curtains and furniture, alongside an ivory carpet, the room would look incredibly luxurious and modern.


The living room is the space where a family spends most of their time, which is why it deserves a proper decoration. Therefore, it’s essential that you think through well before you opt for the colour to paint the room. Think if you’d like to have a room in which you could feel relaxed and comfortable, or you’d rather opt for the hues that’ll promote communication and pump up your adrenaline. Finally, keep in mind that certain colours will make the room look smaller while others can visually enlarge the space. Colours have a great influence on people, so choose your shades wisely.

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