Snowman From Doughnuts


Aren’t these adorable !!!
Snowmen Donuts…What you need:
3 powdered sugar doughnuts (graduated sizes from 2 to 3 inches if possible)
1 powdered sugar doughnut hole or mini doughnut
5 mini chocolate chips
1 orange-mint Tic Tac
1 piece (10 to 12 inches) “fruit by the

foot” fruit roll
3 gumdrops
2 pretzel sticks
1 starlight mint

On a small plate, stack the three doughnuts to form body of snowman.

Place doughnut hole on top for head.

Add chocolate chip buttons and eyes and an orange-mint nose.

Make 1-in. cuts on both ends of the fruit roll to form scarf fringe; wrap scarf around neck.

Press a gumdrop onto each pretzel to form mittens; press pretzel arms into body.

Top with a hat made from a mint and a gumdrop.

Yield: 1 snowman
The Country Register Of Southern Nevada

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