Halloween Harvest Moon Lollipops

These make a perfect party project for kids. (Help younger children in­sert the lollipop sticks.)

Arrange lol­lipops in a container filled with florist foam for an impressive cen­terpiece, or wrap individually in cel­lophane and give as party favors.

12(10-to 12-inch-long) lollipop sticks
1 (24-ounce) package Chocolate Flavor Moon Pies
1 (14-ounce) package orange candy melts
wax paper Halloween candies
decorator icing ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Insert 1 lollipop stick 2 to 3 inches into marshmallow center of Moon Pie.

Step 2: Microwave candy melts in a glass bowl at MEDIUM (50% power) 1 minute or until melted, stirring once; spoon into plastic bag, and seal.

Step 3: Snip a small hole in 1 cor­ner of the bag; pipe melted candy around where stick meets Moon Pie to secure. Lay flat on wax paper, and let stand until firm.

Step 4: Pipe fun border of melted candy around edges. Attach can­dies and/or cake decorations with decorator icing. Tie ribbons around tops of sticks, if desired.

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