6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Day

You’ll have goals and aspirations that you want to reach in your life. That could be in your work, your relationships, your personal goals, and so on. However, it’s hard to reach those goals when you don’t know when to start. It’s often best to ask yourself some key questions every day, to keep yourself on track and ensure that you’re getting what you want.

  1. What Bad Habits Are Getting In My Way?

Everyone has some bad habits, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to get ahead and reach your goals though, you’ll need to start trying to change them. Think about the habits that are holding you back. For example, you may have a bad habit of putting off replying to emails until the last minute. That makes things stressful, and you may find that you actually miss out on opportunities because of it.

If you struggle with this bad habit, find a way around it, or a way to reshape it. With emails, using this example, you could set a time every day when you respond to emails. That way, you can do it it for a few minutes every day, and ensure that you don’t miss anything.

  • Did I Work Toward My Goal Today?

When you think of working towards a goal, you’ll think of large steps you’ll take towards achieving that dream. That isn’t always how it goes, though. “Typically, you’ll take very small, but important, steps towards a goal” says Hannah Graham, a technical writer from UK Services Reviews and Essayroo review. “Every time you make one of those steps, you’ve made progress.”

As such, ask yourself if you’ve made any steps towards your end goal today. That can be as simple as making a call, writing up a proposal, or researching online. If you have done something, you’ve made progress, and that’s important.

  • What Mistakes Did I Make Today?

This questions sounds quite counter productive at first glance. Why dwell on any mistakes that you made? Is it really helpful to sit and pick them apart?

It’s all about how you approach the question. You may well have made mistakes, but the key is not to beat yourself up about them. Instead, think about what you can learn from that mistake. What can you do differently, to ensure that it doesn’t happen again? If you know that, then you’re learning and growing as a person.

  • What Motivated Me Today?

Here’s another good question that you’ll want to ask yourself at the end of every day. Think about what you did today, and how you went about it. What motivated you to get up and go? What made you move forward with your goal?

If you can isolate what it is that keeps you motivated, you can use it to keep you pushing forward. Knowing what motivates you is a key part of success.

  • What Realities Do I Need To Accept?

“It’s true that with hard work and dedication, there are lots of things that you can accomplish” says Janet Viers, a business blogger from Study demic and Academ Advisor. “However, there are some things that are just out of your control.” You may well think that you have to push past these things to get what you want, but that often will only lead to failure.

Instead, it’s better to be realistic about the things that you cannot change. What obstacles in your way that you don’t have control over? While you may not be able to move them, you may be able to work around them.

  • Have I Improved From Yesterday?

Finally, you’ll want to ask yourself whether you’ve managed to improve yourself since the day before. There are lots of ways that you can do this. You can work on kicking a bad habit, such as in question one for example, or look to improve a little in a skill each day.

It’s up to you to understand what ‘improving’ means to you, and aim to do a little, every single day.

Ask yourself these questions every day, and you’ll be able to work on your goals and be the best person that you can be.

Sara Sparrow is a writer with Best essay services and Via Writing, where she focuses on self help and habit management. She’s also a blogger for Top writing services.


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