Creating a Perfect Closet

Everyone dreams of having a big walk-in closet with plenty of storage space for all of their clothes, shoes and accessories. That is possible, we just need to utilize what we have and keep things organized. If you don’t know where to start or how to create your own perfect closet, here are some tips that can help you.

bed-1839184_960_720Utilize the Space

In order to utilize every inch of your closet, you should use its corners, depth and height efficiently. All these areas should be accessible to you and you can easily install pull-down rods or shelves to use everything to the maximum. Corners can be tricky to use, but if you incorporate a carousel or a custom-made corner rod, you will utilize the available space to the fullest and always have enough storage for all of your clothes.

Add a Vanity

Sometimes, shelves and rods are not enough for all the things you wish to keep in the closet. To make things more interesting and provide more storage, you should consider adding a vanity. An elegant vanity will not only look gorgeous in your walk-in closet, but it will provide you with more space to store your things. Use the drawers to nicely fold your shirts, jeans and blouses, while the top of the vanity can be used as a nice display for your makeup, jewelry and perfume bottles. What is more, there are vanities that come with a built-in mirror, which makes a comfy station for putting on makeup before work.

linen-542866_960_720Maximize Vertical Space

If you don’t have enough space to create depth and length in your closet, you will have to go up. Every inch of vertical space should be used smartly in order to be able to have enough storage. Your options are vast; you can install pullout rods at the highest point of your closet and be able to store things very high. Beneath those rods, you can always put up a few shelves and leave space for foldable clothes. Additionally, you can rely on smaller cabinets and short shelves on various levels and always be sure you have enough space for your shirts, pants and jeans. You can even opt for custom-made closets, such as wardrobes in Brisbane where every square inch is used to its fullest potential.

Quality Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of every wardrobe. You will try out outfits in there and you need to see how everything looks. You can go small with adding a few lamps or pendant lights, but there is a far better solution. Add LED lights in hanging rods and it will allow you to clearly see every garment hanging on that rod. Also, an overhead light is a must; so put up a few lighting fixtures next to the mirror or on your vanity. Just make sure the lights are bright enough so you can clearly see what you are doing.


Provide Seating

For those who are indecisive about their outfits, trying clothes on can become tiring. That is why it is a smart idea to provide some comfy seating. You can introduce a small built-in bench, a fancy chair or even a whole couch, if it can fit. Nevertheless, a place to sit on will save you so much trouble. Firstly, you will have a place where you can try your shoes on. Secondly, you can sit and contemplate about your next outfit. Lastly, if you and your friends like trying out clothes together, you will have a place to have a nice cup of coffee. Additionally, a seat will provide you with some space for the clothes you plan on wearing the next day.

It’s not easy to create a perfect closet, but it is not impossible. These simple tips and a few additions to your closet will put you on the right path of creating your dream wardrobe. Just be patient and organized.



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