How To Perfectly Light Up Every Room In Your Home

Good lighting is essential if you want to achieve a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Houses and apartments with plenty of natural light are in luck, because most days, they won’t have to worry about staying in dim lit rooms. However, those homes that are not as lucky, have to think about the right choice of lighting in every room, so they could read, eat, bathe, and do all the other activities easily.

lamps-453783_960_720Living Rooms

Living rooms are areas where people gather and interact for most of the time. This is why the room should be appropriately lit, providing a family with a good atmosphere to talk, read, watch TV or just rest. One of the best choices for the living room would be lights that bounce off the ceiling. Unlike recessed downlights, these will provide you with ambient illumination, and they’ll create the sense of brightness. You won’t have to worry about shadows or other inconveniences. Cove or valance lighting would fit a room’s architecture perfectly, so consider them a possible choice for your living room as well.


Being the place where you prepare food and do a lot of cleaning, kitchen requires proper and strong lighting. What’s more, families tend to spend equal amount of time gathering in the kitchen as they do in the living room, so the more windows you can install in the kitchen to get the natural light, the better. However, ceiling mounted or recessed fixture as well as under cabinet lighting will be a perfect solution for a kitchen. To avoid shadows from an overhead light, install under cabinet lighting to illuminate the countertops.


Dining Rooms

The focus of the dining room is the table, so the lighting fixture is usually placed just above the table. This way, it provides perfect illumination and ambiance. You could also consider dimmers, so you could get a more relaxed atmosphere when you want. A chandelier is a great choice for dining rooms, because it’s both elegant and illuminating. Wall sconces also look elegant, and they’ll provide sufficient lighting for dining and chatting with your family members and guests. What’s more, consider installing cove lighting on two opposing walls while having a dimmable chandelier above the table.


Considering we spend time in the bathroom to take care of personal hygiene and viewing ourselves in the mirror, the room should have an adequate lighting and even more careful placement of them. Central ceiling mounted fixtures are the ones most often used, but they’ll only cast to many shadows and won’t be useful. Lighting both sides of the mirror would be the best alternative. Wall-mounted fixtures are perfect for small bathrooms. Wall sconces on each side of the mirror and one on an opposing side will flawlessly illuminate the room, minimizing the shadows. Installing lighting fixtures isn’t easy, so be sure to contact emergency electrician 24 hours whenever you need them; that way you won’t be at risk of electrocuting yourself.


If you like reading in bed, you will definitely need proper lighting. Wall-mounted lighting fixtures are an excellent choice for this purpose. Install those with adjustable arms, and you’ll be able to direct them whichever way you need. Floor lamps, a pair of sconces on a wall mirror or architectural lighting can serve as the perfect ambient light. Furthermore, if you prefer floor and table lamps, over wall-mounted fixtures, feel free to opt for those, because they’ll also be suitable for a bedroom.


Proper lighting is of great importance for every room in the house. If the space isn’t well illuminated, it’ll affect not only your eyesight, but the whole atmosphere in the room. Therefore, be sure to choose proper lighting fixtures for every room, and avoid any inconveniences.


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