7 Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Makeovers

Our parents always told us that beauty comes from the inside, but when we talk about houses, it’s what’s on the outside that counts, too. No matter how cozy and stylish your interior design is, you need to invest a bit into the exterior as well. Such investment will pay off since it can bring many benefits for you and your house, while its curb appeal can add to its value. However, you must know which projects will pay off.

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A lush and green front yard will completely change the atmosphere of the whole house. While dry and neglected yards exude emptiness and a bit eerie atmosphere, great landscaping can give a fresh look and healthy feel to the entire property. You can plant a lot of plants and perennials that will provide color and depth to the whole yard. Also, you can decorate the yard more with a few stone paths and even a smaller fountain.


If your windows are quite old, chances are that they waste energy and heat. Plus, they probably don’t look very nice from the outside, either. That is why you should consider replacing the old ones with new, energy-efficient windows, which will save you plenty of energy and money. Additionally, you can always repaint the new front windows to match the exterior design and keep the atmosphere of the whole façade.



The façade is the face of your home and it should shine. For a start, you will need better insulation in order to preserve energy in your home. This can easily be done by updating or replacing your cladding systems and resolving all the insulation problems. Additionally, you can improve the curb appeal by repainting the façade. If the paint has started peeling off, or you just simply don’t like it anymore you should find a new, neutral color that will save the day. It’s best to stick to such neutral colors, because you can later add contrast with details and still keep everything classy.

Entry Doors

Entry door replacement will certainly pay off in the long run. It is a chance for you to provide more security for your home, while at the same time you are working on the curb appeal. If you like wood, custom made doors are vastly available, but if you want more security, you can always opt for a steel front door. Moreover, if you choose an unusual color, or simply repaint the existing doors into a bolder shade, you will provide contrast and an amazing wow factor for your exterior design.


Garage Doors

Replace the garage doors to match your home’s age, style and enhanced look. New, shiny and functional garage doors will provide the needed security and they will contribute to the curb appeal. While you are at it, you can upgrade the material of the doors and opt for wood, steel, aluminum or fiberglass, depending on your set budget and style of the entire design. Also, make sure you opt for the sturdiest material that will protect your car and other belongings, while it should be easy to maintain as well.

Deck Addition

Decks are always popular addition to a home and they can bring plenty of benefits. They expand the existing living space because they can serve as an entertainment, dine or relaxation area. Also, they are always appealing to potential buyers and can greatly increase the value of your property. Additionally, if you choose to add a wooden deck, it will perfectly blend into any design and it will contribute to the overall curb appeal and your neighbors will envy you.

Owning a home is a lifetime commitment and there is always something to improve. However, you shouldn’t despair over it. Rather choose projects that will pay off in the future and that can add value and curb appeal to the house.


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