Summer Party Décor Inspiration

We all know what summer is actually about: countless of hours spent in the pleasant ambience of our backyards with a few of our favourite friends and family members. Yes, the moment that sun decides to honour us with its sizzling presence, we’ll be prepared to throw some of the most spectacular summer parties. Okay, so you’ve spruced up your yard, compiled the guest list, decided on the foods and drinks you’re going to serve…all you have left now is to decide on the theme of the party. How you’re going to decorate the whole setting is one of the most important things, as you’ll want to create a superb atmosphere for your guests. If you’re lacking inspiration, perhaps some of these ideas might help you create an exquisite summer party setting.

hotel_bel_air_oprah_winfreys_50th_birthday_party_january_2004That ‘70s Show

Summer simply screams bright colours, bold patterns and heavy prints. Why not consolidate this into one perfect retro party theme from the ‘70s? Colourful paper flowers, peace signs and smiley faces should permeate the whole setting, while you can always put up some old music records to contribute to the whole ‘70s glam. As for the lighting goes, a shiny disco ball is an essential part of the ‘70s décors, but a few lava lamps and glowing sticks will also do the trick. You can always set up a dress code where afro hairstyles, flares and fringes are going to be an obligatory part of the costume. Blast some disco music on the player and you can rest easily knowing that your summer party is a major success.

Summer Beach Vibe

If you have a difficult time deciding whether it’s better to throw a party at your own house or drop everything and head to the beach, perhaps it’s a good idea to try and combine those two things into one. Bringing the beach in your backyard can make a refreshing theme for a summer party and the best thing is that it doesn’t require too much effort. A few beach chairs besides the pool, a couple of sun umbrellas for the shade and some nice cold cocktails will easily do the trick. Embellish the backyard with some shell-inspired décor, put a few starfish around the tables, set the dress code to swimwear and you’re all set.

downloadKeep It Classy

If you aren’t really a fan of themed settings and simply wish to enjoy a nice summer day with your friends in a comfortable atmosphere, you can always decide for a simple and elegant lunch or dinner date. Decide on a monochromatic colour scheme, place a few candles in mason jars on the table and serve some good wine to your guests. If you wish to contribute to the whole classy setting, you can always opt for a dinner under a pergola or gazebo, light up the pathway with a few candles and serve dinner in your best china.

Movie Night

Instead of throwing an extravagant party with tons of people, you can always opt for a small, intimate get-together with a couple of your friends. A movie night outdoors on a pleasant summer night seems like a grand idea and all you need is to find a projector and a big canvas to place in the yard, create a comfy seating arrangement and of course – decide on a movie you all want to watch. Make sure to provide your friends with some cosy blankets, some tasty snacks and finger foods, and opt for a cool room rental, so you’d have cold drinks all night on the touch of your fingertips.

Everybody loves a good get-together, especially in summer when the days are scorching hot and nights are pleasant and breezy. If you have the available space and will, surprise your friends with a good summer party every now and then, and your summer will be filled with joy and laughter.




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