How To Change Living Room Decor Without Causing A Mess By Edward Barber

There are many effective and easy ways to change the decor in your living room without causing a mess. Here you will learn how to do this and if you apply some of these ideas your living room may become improved and refreshed the way you imagined it. Use them to make this room look the way you want. The tips presented here will give you some clues what you can do to make small changes with great and visible effect.


You can think about the walls in the room. What do you have on them? Are they bare, have too much items, inappropriate pieces of art or pictures. You can display vintage art, tapestries, paintings, letters and numbers which provoke the visitor. Depending on the whole style of the room or the design you want it to have buy suitable things. You can find such in hardware stores, antique shops and outlets for home interior. Before doing so picture the way you imagine your living room. If you can draw make a sketch with indications where what to put.

Replace existing pieces of furniture and decorating items you don’t like or don’t match the interior. If you prefer you can paint your armchairs and sofa or pieces of furniture in another colour. Buy paint which is designated for the type of furniture you have. Put nylon coverings over the carpet and around the pieces of furniture you want to paint. Wear old clothes which you don’t need during the painting. Prepare the area and aerate it during and after the work. If you take the necessary measures before painting you won’t leave a mess and will only have to remove the nylon coverings and old clothes after finishing work.

If you can do something yourself well you can create an art project which to display on the wall or somewhere else in your living room. You can use the walls for displaying art pieces you like that belong to your family members, relatives, friends, you have bought or received as presents. You can replace the cushions covers with new, mount new shelves and cabinets.

Move some pieces of furniture and items in this room to make it look more spacious and functional. Experiment by moving one item at a time and see the results. You can accomplish a lot with small changes. All you have to do is act step by step and check the results. Be brave and don’t be afraid to involve bigger changes if they make your room look better.

You can use vintage, self-made items, art installations and provoking writings to make your living room extravagant, luxurious and inspiring. Don’t use decorating items which only have sentimental value, but you don’t like. You and your family members should feel comfortable and at home in the living room. This is the place where you invite guests so renovation team in Ealing recommends to design it accordingly.

Display a board pinned with photos with the member of your family if you like. You can use your favorite pictures to create it an use it as the focal place in this room. Make sure everyone in your family agrees to use these photos and likes the created photo display. You can add at least a few plants in pot to refresh your living room. If you can knit or sew make something you can use for decorating.

After making the changes you have planned provide thorough cleaning of the room. Hoover and mop carpeted and hard floors, upholstery, wipe the dust from all pieces of furniture, TV sets and appliances. Use microfiber cloths for cleaning the screens of laptops, and TV sets, dust the light fittings, pictures and all items. Wash the windows and sills, provide cleaning of the radiators and fireplace.

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