Five Ways To Increase The Value Of A Victorian House By Mackenzie Fox

victorian houseIn today’s world, most homeowners cycle through a number of different properties throughout their lifetimes. That’s because a person’s needs can vary greatly according to age, income bracket and the total number of people in their household. It therefore becomes paramount for any homeowner to be able to maximize the value of their property at any given time. When it comes to period homes such those dating back to the Victorian era, the benefits of owning such charming abodes are offset by certain time-specific quirks and particularities that can really drive down a house’s selling price if left unresolved. To that end, here’s a list of suggestions that should help you increase the value of your Victorian home as well as improve your living conditions on the whole:

Restore the house’s original Victorian features instead of replacing them

A common mistake that many people make when purchasing period homes is assuming that an older house needs to compete with all the amenities offered by a new one. While older properties do indeed stand to benefit from being technologically up-to-date, this should never come at the expense of their own particular charms. Things like cast-iron fireplaces, sash windows and old-fashioned radiators are a plus in this situation, so take steps to restore or replace them with similar models instead of simply substituting them with contemporary items that are destined to look out of place in this environment.

Convert your loft into a livable space

Converting a formerly unused loft is one of the best ways to significantly increase the value of your period home. It adds an entirely new space that can be utilized by prospective homebuyers, which definitely makes it worth investing in. If your space up there is too cramped to add another bedroom, try converting it into a workout or hobby room instead.

Eliminate outdated plumbing and electrical systems

No matter how sturdy and well-built they are, most period homes will invariably show their age when it comes to plumbing and electrics. From old wiring to lead pipes and a general lack of electrical outlets, there are a number of problems in older homes that can drastically affect their overall livability. Eliminate them for good by hiring quality contractors who can handle the delicate rewiring and pipe replacement procedures that will have to be tackled. This step can be quite costly and time-consuming, but it’s an absolute must if you want to bring your Victorian house into the 21st century.

Spruce up the property’s exterior

First impressions are crucial when it comes to determining the value of pretty much any property, which is why it pays to make some timely investments in your house’s exterior. Some of them, such as repainting your windowsills or tending to the garden, will be cosmetic in nature, but others will have a direct impact on the house’s utility bill. To give just one example, properly insulating your walls and roof can prevent heat from leaking out during the winter, and thus save you a considerable amount of money in the process. As always, be sure to respect the house’s Victorian heritage. For instance, replacing traditional sash windows with modern UPVC windows will only serve to muck up your property’s image and therefore reduce its overall value.

Invest in appropriate furnishings

Finally, no period home would be complete without some truly appropriate pieces of furniture. Luckily, good quality period furniture can be found at relatively low prices if you know where to look and generally tends to enjoy a longer lifespan than most modern furnishings. This doesn’t meant that you have to stick exclusively to one style of furniture, but you’d do well to only look for pieces that fit well together and refrain from modern minimalist items that would stick out like a sore thumb.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to transform a Victorian house into the home of your dreams. By simply applying all of the aforementioned tips and tricks, you’ll be restoring your property to its former glory and helping maximize its market value at the same time. Thus, anyone who ends up staying in it will get to enjoy all the benefits of living in a unique environment with none of the drawbacks usually associated with such places.

~Written by Mackenzie Fox – All Rights Reserved

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