Create The Right Look For Your Kids’ Room Without Spending A Fortune

It is always difficult to choose a design for your child’s room. Even asking them to assist in choosing can make it more difficult as many if their ideas are not practical or affordable! Children change so quickly that the room will almost be outdated as soon as it is finished! To create the right look, without spending a fortune follow these tips:


Mix & Match

Children do not necessarily need their favorite cartoon character on the wall; they are usually more than happy with bright and possibly crazy colors. Give your child’s room a fun feel by adding streaks of color across the wall in paint or via the wallpaper. Add a basketball net to really keep the fun atmosphere!

Fun Furniture

Rather than having specific theme based furniture opt for something that is practical and will last for years. A simple table with pencil style legs and a bright color will create just the right effect for any child. Even the stools or the chairs for the table can be brightened by adding decals; these can also be removed and replaced as they grow. An extra novel touch which will add a fun element and help to keep noise down is to add socks to the bottom of movable furniture.


All items of furniture can be brightened by being painted a nice bright color. They can also have decals or even artwork painted onto them to create a stunning, visually pleasing and unique piece. This will have a special significance to your child and stay with them for years!



Recycling old pallets is becoming exceptionally popular. They can be used to create beds, settees or simply head rests.  They are relatively easy to take apart and can be sanded and painted if required. This makes them perfect as affordable furniture which can be adapted to your child’s needs as they grow.

Grown Up Bed

A metal frame bed can be ornate and give the appearance of a bed fit for a princess or an adult’s bed. This makes it perfect for your child’s bedroom; it will literally grow with them and can be adapted to fit any theme. You can even decorate the bed with personal touches to match the room.

Old cars

Old cars or other old toys can make excellent coat hooks and add a real touch of style to a room! Your child probably has too many toys and will not mind a few of their unused items going on the wall.  This type of style can last for many years.

The Alphabet

Young children will like the look and feel of letters being o their walls, especially if they are raised off the wall and they can touch and feel them. You can also create a chalkboard wall which will allow them to create their own artwork; which can change as they age.  If you do choose this option be sure that your child knows to only draw on that space, not all the walls!

Art work

Instead of random but visually appealing pieces of art, take some of your child’s favorite photos and have them blown up. These can then be added to the wall to create a stunning visual reminder of a specific occasion. If possible split a photo into three images to create an even better look.



Always arrange the room so that they have space to move around. Their bed should have its own area and a desk can take a different corner. The central space should remain free for them to move around and either play or relax in. If the kids have small rooms and it’s difficult for them to stay organized, invest in custom furniture pieces with lots of storage spaces. Stools, open shelves and beds with hidden compartments are excellent ideas.


When decorating a room it’s very important to make it feel comfortable too, not just look nice. Blankets, covers and cushions are a must-have. You want the kids to sleep well, and at the same time enjoy spending time in their room. Throw pillows are a nice tough too, because they make a space appear really cozy and inviting.

There is no limit to what is possible, simply look around you and take inspiration from everyday items! Ask for your kids’ opinion before doing anything. They might have a particular preference for the paint on the walls, or furniture. Talk to them and find a way to reach mutual ground. This way their room will fabulous without you having to invest a fortune in the design.

Please take a moment and comment and let us know what you think - or if you have some information to share about this topic.!

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