Paw Patrol Cake Idea & How To

1909745_1153686294662182_9047232736809928409_nMake four eight inch circle cakes and one 9 by 13 inch cake. Cutting a one quarter wedge out of each eight inch circle cake and place on each corner of the nine by thirteen cake. Fill in the cracks with buttercream and coat to give a clean crumb coat. Refrigerate. Put a smooth final coat and decorate like seen in this picture.

The logo comes from a printed picture from the internet. Print several pictures the size and carefully cut each little piece out. Use a toothpick trace each piece starting in the center and moving out. With icing cover the lines you made and fill working from inside out.

Make sure your cake board (19 x 21) has a scoop under each corner (smoothed out) of icing to make sure the cake does not slip.


From our reader Danielle MacLaren:paw-patrol

Thanks so much for sharing – you did  great job. The logo looks fantastic!

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29 Responses to Paw Patrol Cake Idea & How To

  1. cmh07818 says:

    How did you get the cake so tall/thick?

    • Hi, you use the first cake layout photo and double it for one additional layer – you don’t have to do this if you do not want to – it is a beautiful cake either way. After you layer the cake fill in gaps with icing – refrigerate to cool – then crumb coat – cool in fridge – then final coat – hope this helps

      • Michelle says:

        what is crumb coat?

      • Hi Michelle – the idea of crumb coating is to make a thin coat of icing cover the entire cake. If you are using a cake as is coming from the pan you can get by without it (I still do it). Basically I take a portion of icing and add a few drops of water until I get a consistency that is thinner than your regular icing. It basically keeps the ‘crumbs’ out of the final icing work you are doing. You can use a spatula and wipe on and fill the grooves around the four circles you cut. When you are done with a crumb coating it should all be iced and gaps made even with the cake itself so no indentations show. You should then chill the entire cake in the fridge for an hours making the icing used for crumb coating hard. This does two things – it allows easy icing for final presentation and cools the icing that you are putting on. Some do not do this step at all but unless you are a professional who has done it hundreds of times I strongly suggest it – it just makes the final presentation cleaner. Hope I helped!

  2. Nita says:

    Hi just wondering the shape of the picture of the cakes they look nothing like the cake decorated ??

  3. Nadine says:

    What website did you get the Paw Patrol logo from?

  4. Rachelle says:

    are the layers 2 or 3 inches?

  5. Katie says:

    Did you use fondant? Im wanting to use regular icing and was wondering what could I use

    • Hi, I only use buttercream and avoid fondant as best I can in any cake ever done. It is a taste preference – and yes, this was done in all buttercream. It takes me a lot of work to get the icing that smooth but I keep messing with it until it looks alright. The picture does not show because it is all white but there are a lot of imperfections. I hope I helped – and send us a picture to show on this post when you are done!

  6. Jill Carroll says:

    Going to try making this for my granddaughters’ 4th birthday – wish me luck! Mimi always makes her cake and she wants Paw Patrol this year, but with all the characters – so I’m going to find small figures and put on top.

    • Awesome Jill – send a pic to us so we can post it in the Paw Patrol cake post. Small figures always work and I think is a good idea for cakes – then you can give them to the child as another little gift!

  7. Misa says:

    Do you think this could work with whipped cream frosting? If you have any tips to share, that would be greatly appreciated. Hoping to have a cake that is going to light up my daughter’s eyes.

    • I think this type of frosting would work but buttercream would be best. If you want to do all the white in the whipped cream frosting I think it would work – but the trim I would use buttercream. They make it easy for you now because you can actually get butter cream in a can so you re not stuck with that crisco tasting stuff – yuck! The only problem with buttercream is it has a slight cream coloring and is not stark white. I think I can get past the coloring to have the deliciousness of the buttercream though.

  8. Vanya Pickett says:


  9. whitney says:

    How many people would this feed? Im looking to feed about 40. What sizes would I use?

    • Hi, the answer really depends on how big of slices you want to serve your guest. The answer to that is are you feeding your guests first so they might not want a big piece or is this all they wil be eating except finger foods where they may want more. I have seen a half sheet pan cake feed thirty – I have seen it feed a lot less as well. One secret is that you can make your cake very deep and serve the top half and then serve the bottom half – you would need to liberally ice in between so the second layer has icing on it for your guests. I think you could get this cake to feed thirty or more with just an average sized piece of cake more if you served it with ice cream and made the cake pieces smaller. I have found also when serving to not just cut the cake up and put them out to eat – but use one side of the cake to cut smaller pieces and the other larger pieces. Or – you could just cut the cake into smaller pieces and welcome people to come back for seconds once everyone has had a piece that would like one.

  10. Terina says:

    Where is the actual cake and icing recipe?

  11. This is awesome! I am planning on making this for a twin birthday party, however I was just wondering what size cake board you used?

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