Review: PainMaster – Micro Current Therapy

IMG_5923I have been a long time sufferer  from back pain from an accident I was in in 1998 where a taxi cab driver going forty-five miles per hour slammed into the front of my car which was also going forty five miles per hour making the crash a ninety mile an hour impact. I have since been diagnosed with a herniated disk, nerve damage and arthritis. So when I had the chance to try PainMaster I was very excited.

I had been hearing a lot about micro-current and current therapy and was intrigued that this could be done at home since any current therapy I have had was done in physical therapy. There I was hooked up to a machine that put electric current going through areas of my body that were injured (back and knee), sometimes causing a lot of pain. But it did make an improvement and was better than the numerous injections I have had.

Upon receiving the box I could not wait to get it open and read the details in the instructions inside. Inside the box I found a set of patches (that are reusable that attach to a clean area of your body that has the injury or needed relief), a micro-current controller (that one end attaches to each patch) and an instruction booklet.IMG_5922

Before i go on I can’t tell you how easy it was to put the patches on and get started without any help. I put the controller end on one patch and the opposite end on the other patch and the red light immediately came on indicating it was working. I then reached around and stuck the patches on either side of my spine where I have the herniated disk and I was done.

This system can be worn twenty-four hours a day and provides a micro-current through the patches which over time provide relief. I have been wearing it overnight now for a week and have noticed a considerable difference. No longer does it hurt to get out of bed (and I have not had to roll out of bed onto my knees and hands because my back hurt so badly. I was able to stretch and feel normal when waking up.b93b33_39bdbd05cf4ca34203ceace477fa9802.png_srz_393_295_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

The current that is directed towards the injury is very minimal and you can wear it beneath your clothes and no one will notice. It is a constant minimal current that you only feel mildly here and there.

When the battery runs low I will be getting another one of these so I can wear them nightly – it is nice to be pain free in the morning and I owe it all to PainMaster.


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