Rice Water For Tummy Trouble

rice water

You will need long grain rice (the rice that takes forever and a day) and a pot with twice the amount of water that the rice requires. Bring the water to a boil and add rice and cook until rice becomes very tender. Add an additional one cup of water at a time if water goes to low and rice is not tender. Drain the water in a strainer collecting the rice in a strainer and the water in a clean container that is under the strainer. You want the rice water to remain more runny than milk. The rice should be retained to add to soup or casserole. This can be used as is cold or warm to help with upset stomach. It is also a very healthy daily drink and is very easy and cheap to make yourself. If drinking daily add raw sugar to taste to the rice water and bring to a boil until the rice water has melted the sugar. It will keep for about five days in the fridge and is a very refreshing drink to start your day with. If taking for tummy trouble do not add the sugar. It can be served warm or cold and should be sipped. The starch from the rice absorbs bacterial and acid in the stomach and can even help to relieve loose bowel movements.

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