How To Plant A Tree In Your Yard by Guest Writer Philip Brown

How To Plant A Tree In Your Yard

Planting a tree is not just a matter of digging a hole and dropping it in. If you want your tree to have healthy growth, then that will require patience and careful preparation. Take a look at these steps for how to grow a strong and healthy tree in your yard.

  • Choose the species carefully and plant at the right time of year. Select a species that is native to the area. Plant your tree during its dormant phase, which is usually over the winter, somewhere between late autumn and early spring. This will allow it to establish itself in time for the growing season.medium_4975718208
  • Choose a site for your tree. Make sure to avoid any cables or pipes and to choose a sunny area. Dig a hole that is about 5 times the width of the tree’s root ball so that it has plenty of space to spread its roots. Dig the hole with a raised section in the center for the root ball to sit on – this will keep it out of any water that may collect and in turn stop the tree from drowning. Loosen the dirt around the edges of the hole to allow the roots to spread out more easily.
  • Remove the tree from its container by gently tipping it out of the pot or cutting the side of the bag from the roots. You can leave a mesh container on as the roots will grow through the holes and it will help keep the soil together. Remember, you want to keep as much of the existing soil on the root ball as possible. As you are handling the tree, be sure not to leave the roots exposed to the sun or wind as they may get dried out and damaged.
  • Plant the tree. Place the tree in the hole and check the height. All of the roots should be covered, but the trunk should remain fully exposed. Add some manure into the hole to feed the tree as it grows, and add water. Mulch around the tree to keep weeds away and moisture in, but take care not to touch the tree trunk with the mulching or it could rot. Water again after an hour or so. Then water regularly until the tree is fully established.

With a little bit of planning and some care, you will have a tree that will last for many years.

About the Author: Philip Brown is a lover of green, healthy lawns. A former lawn care professional, Philip now spends his time sharing what he knows with others and blogging about it at The Lawn Enthusiast.

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