A Few Interesting Facts

According to the makers of the Stetson, a 10-gallon hat actually holds only about three quarts of liquid.
• • •
Those who study such things say that women are better at identifying smells than men.
• • •
You might be surprised to learn that the first ceiling fan was introduced way back in the 1860s. The lack of electricity was no deterrent; the device was powered by a stream of running water.
• • •
Gravity makes you shorter. It’s true; gravity compresses your spine — in a weightless environment, you would be 2 to 3 inches taller than you are here on Earth.
• • •
When the bubonic plague (“Black Death”) was at its peak in Europe in the 14th century, a wide variety of remedies was prescribed, including smoking tobacco, bringing spiders into the household, inhaling the stench from a latrine, sitting between two large fires, drinking red wine in which new steel had been cooled, and bathing in goat urine.
• • •
In 1994, Singapore banned the importation and sale of chewing gum. Ten years later, lawmakers added a revision: Gum that has “therapeutic value” is now allowed.
• • •
Over the past year in the United States, lottery sales have increased by a whopping $I billion.
• • •
Human skin is about 70 percent water, and the human brain is 80 percent water.
• • •
It was American author and philosopher Eric Hoffer who made the following sage observation: “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”

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