Knitted Penguin

-Loops & Threads Impeccable (Solids 128g/4.5oz; 245m/268yds)
1 ball each of:
-Q Contrast A (01040 Black)
-Contrast B (01005 White or 01008 Aran)
-Contrast C (01436 Cherry)
-Contrast D (01630 Pumpkin)
-Set of four size U.S. 5 (3.75 mm) double-pointed knitting
needles or size needed to obtain gauge.

22 sts and 28 rows = 4″ (10 cm) in stocking st.

With A, cast on 12 sts. Divide sts evenly onto 3 needles. Join in rnd, placing marker on first st. 1st rnd: ;inc 1. K2) 4 times. 16 sts. 2nd rnd: Knit. 3rd rnd: (Inc 1. K3) 4 times. 20 sts. 4th rnd: Knit. Inc 4 sts on next and follow alt rnd once more. 28 sts. Knit 14 rnds even.

Shape neck and head: 1 st rnd: (K2tog. K5) 4 times. 24 sts.
2nd rnd: (K2tog. K4) 4 times. 20 sts.
3rd rnd: (K2tog. K3) 4 times. 16 sts. 4th md: <K2tog. K2) 4 times.
12 sts. 5th rnd: Inc 1 st in each st around. 24 sts.
Knit 9 rnds even. Stuff Body.

1st rnd: ;K2tog. K4) 4 times. 20 sts. 2nd rnd: (K2tog. K3) 4 times.
16 sts. 3rd rnd: (K2tog. K2) 4 times. 12 sts.
4th rnd: (K2tog. Kl) 4 times. 8 sts.
Break yarn leaving a long end. Draw end tightly through rem sts
and fasten securely.

“Belly”: With B and pair of needles, cast on 5 sts.
**1 st row: (RS). Inc 1. Knit to last 2 sts. Inc 1. Kl. 7 sts. 2nd row:
Rep last 2 rows twice more. 11 sts.**
Work 15 rows even in stocking st.

Shape “Face”: 1st row: (RS). (ssk) twice. K3. (K2tog) twice. 7 sts. 2nd row: Purl. 3rd row: (Inc 1. Kl) 3 times. Inc 1.11 sts. Beg with a purl row, work 5 rows stocking st.

Next row: K5 Turn. Leave rem sts on a spare needle.
Next row: P5 Next row: ssk. Kl. K2tog.
Next row: P3tog. Fasten off”
With RS facing, join B to rem sts. ssk. K4.5 sts.
Work from “” to *” as given above.
Sew “Belly/Face” in position.

Wings (make 2): With A and pair of needles, cast on 2 sts.
1strow:(RS).Kl.lnc 1 st in last St. 3 sts.
2nd row: Knit. 3rd row: Knit to last St. Inc 1 st in last St.
4th row: Knit.
Rep last 2 rows 5 times more. 9 sts.
Knit 9 rows even. Cast off. Sew cast off edge at neck,
placing shaped edge of Wing towards back.

Scarf: With C and pair of needles, cast on 40 sts.
Knit 3 rows (garter st). Cast off.
Knot 2 strands of C into fringe 2″ (5 cm) long.
Trim Fringe. With A, embroider eyes using French Knot.
With D, embroider beak using Bullion St.

Feet (make 2): With D and pair of needles, cast on 5 sts.
1 st row: (RS). Cast off 3 sts. K2 (including st on
needle after cast off). 2nd row: K2 3rd row: Cast on 3 sts. K5.
5th to 7th rows: As 1 st to 3rd rows.
Cast off (WS). Sew Feet to Body.

French Knot
Bullion Stitch

alt = alternate(ing).
beg = beginning.
cont = continue(ity).
k = knit.
k2tog = knit next
2 stitches together.
inc 1 st = knit into front and back of next stitch.
p = purl.
p2(3)tog = purl next 2(3) stitches together.
rem = remaining.
rep = repeat.
rs = right side.
rnd(s) = round(s).
ssk = slip next 2 stitches knitwise one at a time, then knit through back loops together.
st(s) = stitchfes).
ws = Wrong side.

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