Halloween PET Safety


Halloween is such an great holiday! However, it can be more than scary to our little furry friends. Practice some safety tips to keep your pets out of danger from witches and goblins.


1. Keep all pets indoors on Halloween if at all possible. There have been many animal cruelty cases that have taken place on Halloween.Pets will freak out from all of the kids in costumes coming at them.

2. Do not feed them candy. As most of you know, chocolate is fatal to dogs, so no matter what, do not give your dog chocolate or any candy for that matter. Be sure to keep your children’s candy off of the floor and throw away any foils or wrappers. Animals could eat them and cause them to have serious digestive distress leading to high veterinary bills.

3. Be aware of how your animal reacts when dressing them up in costumes, remember it’s not normal for them to be wearing costumes so it may cause them to be highly agitated.

4. Keep lit pumpkins out of their tail swishing area, and away from curious kitties. This is a huge fire accident waiting to happen!

5. It might be an old wives tale, but if you have a black cat, keep it inside. Mean people have used this holiday to torture black cats and even kill them.

6. Why not pick up some treats for the animals as well as for the trick-or-treaters, that way they won’t be tempted to eat the candy!

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