Twas the Month Before Christmas – A Christmas Dinner Time Line

A month in advance
Make and freeze soup and cookies.
Take stock of your cutlery, china, stemware and linens.  If your party or dinner is too large for your personal collection be sure and contact a party rental supply shop to best fit your needs.

Two to three weeks before
Decorate the house.

The week before
Make a list of everything you want to serve.
Clean out the refrigerator to make room for holiday groceries.
Shop for all non perishables.
Make place cards.
Bake and freeze desserts and breads.
Buy or make extra ice.
Polish silverware

Up to two days before
Shop for the remaining ingredients.
Make casseroles and salads that will
keep in the refrigerator.
Make centerpieces and floral arrangements.

Up to one day before
Remove frozen dishes from the freezer.
Cut vegetables.
Make stuffing.
Decorate and set tables and buffets.
Set up extra tables.
Clean and polish the dining room tables.
Iron linens.
Lay out tablecloths, napkins, glasses and silver.

Day of
Chill the wine and soft drinks.
Make punch and eggnog.
Prepare the main dish and any “sides” you haven’t made in advance.

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