Tailgate Food Tips

The key to a safe tailgate picnic is keeping hot food hot and cold food cold. This requires planning and a few basic guidelines.

•Pack food in air­tight plastic con­tainers or bags that seal tightly and will not break.

•Layer sealed con­tainers on the bottom of an insu­lated cooler, putting heavier items in first.

•Chill all cooked foods in the refrig­erator before pack­ing them in the cooler.

•Pack highly per­ishable foods di­rectly next to ice in the cooler.

•Secure items such as bottles and jars to prevent breakage.

•Transport the cooler in the inte­rior of the car, not the hot trunk.

•Place cooler in the shade and keep the lid closed. An iced-down cooler will keep perishable food cold for a few hours but not all day in the hot sun.

•Serve food in the team spirit by us­ing baskets, buck­ets, and trays lined with fabric or linens in your school’s colors.

•Serve food with paper or plastic plates and uten­sils; cleanup will be easy.

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