Racking Different Kinds Of Shoes At Home


Most people have a few pairs of go-to footwear choices — athletic sneakers, casual sneakers, boots, and something dressy — but there are so many other styles out there! Variety is the spice of life, and adding some new styles to your closet is a great way to add some flavor to your wardrobe. Additionally, there are many types of specialized footwear options that can really improve the overall quality of your life. Here’s a look at 10 types of shoes to add to your rack!

1. Slippers

Every footwear collection deserves at least one pair of cozy slippers for relaxing around the house. Besides keeping your feet warm and comfy, many types of slippers are much more versatile than most people realize. For example, you could certainly get away with wearing moccasins when you check the mail or even take a quick trip to the store. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to worry about cold kitchen floors when you’re grabbing a late-night snack!

2. Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes are most well-known for their added arch support, especially for people who have flat feet, but anyone can appreciate their benefits — even those who don’t have foot conditions or injuries. Orthopedic shoes are designed specifically to support the contours and shape of feet, as well as to complement and facilitate their mechanisms and movements, so besides being extremely comfortable, they can actually help to prevent common problems before they occur. For example, did you know that your shoes can cause knee, hip, and back pain?

3. Loafers

Loafers are so versatile and convenient, not to mention stylish. They can run the gamut from casual to fancy, and being able to slip them on and off with ease is a simple pleasure that folks don’t fully appreciate until they have it. The classic penny loafer is an iconic look that works equally well with jeans or slacks. You can also find loafers with tassels, ornaments, and exotic patterns — the possibilities are endless!

4. Hiking Boots

When you’re in the mood to connect with nature, reach for your trusty hiking boots. Rugged yet comfy, hiking boots offer a nice balance between sneakers and boots, so while they’re naturally ideal for your outdoor adventures, they can actually be a fantastic option for any situation that requires you to be on your feet for a long period of time. Plus, with the right outfit, hiking boots can be surprisingly fashionable. Choose a quality pair and they’ll last a lifetime.

5. Fancy Shoes

Maybe you have a go-to pair of snazzy shoes for the office, but do you have a pair of formal dress shoes or heels for those special occasions when you really want to go all out? Even if you’re not attending red carpet events on a regular basis, having a pair of classy kicks might inspire you to seek out the finer experiences in life. Going out to dinner at a local restaurant feels like more of an extravagant event when you’re dressed to the nines!

 5. Sandals

While sandals are often associated with beachwear, you’ll be amazed by how often you’ll reach for them. Traditional sandals can be quite stylish when paired with the right outfit. Slides and flip-flops are incredibly convenient for quick errands or wearing around the house. And, of course, there’s nothing better on those hot summer days and nights.

6. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots exude coolness! They work beautifully with a laid-back outfit, but they can also be dressed up very successfully. Maybe you already have some boots, but there’s just something different about Chelsea boots that makes them worthy of their own category. They’re an ideal choice for autumn outfits, but really you can’t go wrong with them all year round.

7. Boat Shoes

You don’t need to be a sailor to enjoy boat shoes! Whether you’re gearing up for a yacht trip or just looking for a new look, learning how to style boat shoes is absolutely worth your time. Boat shoes are a great alternative to sandals on those chillier spring and summer evenings. When sneakers are too casual but dress shoes are too much, boat shoes offer an excellent middle ground.

7. Monk-Straps

Like Chelsea boots, monk-straps offer a distinctive take on the traditional dress shoe/boot style. What makes them unique is — you guessed it — the strap! This style dates as far back as medieval times, so they have a very classic look that’s undeniably elegant and sophisticated. The strap and buckle look so smart — pair your monk straps with a sweater vest and a collared shirt for a put-together aesthetic that’s professional, yet relaxed.

8. Equestrian Boots

Equestrian boots, also known as riding boots, are a great alternative to western boots. While they can be worn with similar outfits with a rootin’-tootin’ vibe, the slimmer profile and tighter silhouette make for a look that’s a bit more refined. Some lace-up equestrian boots are a superb choice for rustic, bucolic outfits inspired by country living.

9. Athletic Sneakers

You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy athletic footwear. It’s just nice to have some sneakers that are reserved for trips to the gym, jogs around the block, and other physical activities. Not only will you perform your best, but you’ll avoid wear and tear on your everyday sneakers.

10. Platform Shoes

When you want to go big with your look (quite literally), platform shoes will do the job. The look is super trendy, and they can add 1-4 inches (or more) to your height. While many platform shoes feature over-the-top, statement-making designs, there are plenty of subtle options on the market too.

Have Fun Shopping Around

Hopefully, this little guide can inspire you next time you’re shoe shopping. Fashion is fun, so don’t overthink it! If something strikes your fancy, go ahead and treat yourself. As your shoe rack fills up, you’ll love being able to select the perfect pair to match your mood and look. There are so many other unique shoe styles waiting to be discovered, so enjoy the journey!


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