7 Common Re-upholstery Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are many good reasons why people reupholster their furniture items.

While some people want to save money, others want to continue using a sturdy piece of furniture that has lasted several decades in the family.

You may also want to reupholster an old sofa or chair due to its sentimental value. 

Refurbishing vintage furniture is one of the best ways to create custom furniture that blends well with your dwelling’s new style.

But, a lot of people tend to make the same re-upholstery mistakes time and again.

Here in this post, we will shed light on seven such oversights that you should watch out for the next time you want to have a piece reupholstered. 

Re-upholstery Mistake #1: The Furniture Item is not built for a Second Life

Selecting a furniture item which is already nearing the end of its useful life is one of the most common re-upholstery mistakes people make.

A lot of furniture available these days is not exactly built for a second life.

If a furniture item is not structurally sound enough, it makes no sense to invest in it.

Unless you have a piece of furniture with well-made frames, it may not be a wise decision to reupholster it.

Older furniture with dowel joints is generally of higher quality.  

Re-upholstery Mistake #2: Assuming All You Need Is a Fabric  

Re-upholstering a piece of furniture isn’t just about replacing its fabric.

If you want to have an old piece of Victorian-era furniture reupholstered, a professional with specialized upholstery skills may need to –

-Strip this piece to the frame
-Reinforce the joints & the frame
-Replace zigzag and coil springs, if necessary
-Replace padding, if necessary

Yes, if the padding, springs, frame, etc. are all in good shape, you will just need to spend money on the fabric.

But, if you just rely on online quotes for re-upholstery services, you may end up choosing a plan that only includes fabric replacement when your furniture actually needs a more elaborate treatment.  

So, it is advisable to have a piece physically inspected by an upholstery expert before you make a decision.

Re-upholstery Mistake #3: Putting the New Fabric On Top of the Old Fabric

Yes, it will cost a lot less.

When you are budget-conscious, some upholsters might suggest putting the new fabric right on top of the old fabric with one or two layers of cotton in between.

In this case, they will remove the old fabric and other materials.

Your guests and other people can’t tell if you’ve merely added a new layer of fabric.

But, a few months down the line, anyone using a furniture item reupholstered in this manner will almost certainly feel cotton layers bunching up in different places.

Re-upholstery Mistake #4: Choosing Patterns or Stripes for Rounded Furniture Pieces

It is one of the common re-upholstery mistakes that people realize only after their furniture items have been reupholstered.

Yes, just when you are about to make payment for a finished job, you will realize that stretched stripes and patterns look ugly, especially near the rounded corners and along the slopes.

Normally, a professional upholster should tell you about this but you should also be willing to listen to their advice.

Re-upholstery Mistake #5: Considering Colors and Patterns before Narrowing down the Right Type of Fabric

You may be inclined to choose the right color and pattern before you’ve even figured out which type of fabric is suitable for your furniture re-upholstery project.

You need to narrow down the right type of fabric based on factors such as whether the furniture is:

-To be used by young kids and/or pets
-To be used indoors or outdoors
-Is meant for light or heavy use
-Likely to be exposed to direct sunlight

People who take up DIY re-upholstery projects often go wrong in their choice of fabric.

An incorrect or poor-quality fabric will lose color or become fluffy within a year or two. Do not settle for a low-quality fabric. You do not want to spend the same amount of money (or more) in a few years again, do you?

Always consider furniture reupholstering as a long-term investment.

Re-upholstery Mistake #6: Selecting an Upholster On the Basis of Price Alone

How do you know if you’re spending the right amount of money for reupholstering an old piece of furniture?

Well, you can start by getting a bunch of quotes/bids from upholsters in your area.

If six upholsters in your area quote prices around $3,000 and then, you come across someone who’s ready to do it in about $1,500, you may want to choose the cheapest option without a second thought.

Don’t do that.

Reupholstering is a complex process that requires experience and skills.


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