Instagram’s Bigger And Better Explore Tab To Open Up An Array Of Business Opportunities


With the release of Instagram’s brand new Explore tab, you now have new shopping feed, topic channels, IG Stories, and an exclusive room for IGTV.   Instagram has been toiling relentlessly to help individual users have a more personalized approach to the Explore page.When you tap to view the page, it doesn’t resemble the one you see showing up on your best pal’s explore tab. The reason being, the app specifically tailors the page to help users discover new, enjoyable content. It directs your search on the basis on your likes.

  • The IG algorithm is ceaselessly learning from user behaviors or patterns. It follows what or which accounts you frequent and follow, the posts/content you like or/and comment on, and the IGTV content and IG stories you love to watch.
  • The app uses this information to structure an Explore Page with loads of suggestions of same or similar stuff that might interest you, but which you are yet to follow.
  • The Explore Page now features personalized Stories as well. You can now tap through them and engage with content from accounts that you have not followed till now.
  • For brands, this feature opens up an excellent scope to make themselves visible to new audiences.
  • So, your followers will not be the only ones watching your Stories from now on. Anybody can see and engage with your content via the Explore tab.

On brand building

Although there’s no harm in using sites like Stormlikes to gain new likes and followers, and envisage your brand, it’s tools like the IG Explore Page that are redefining the dynamics. Simply speaking, it produces exactly what your business wanted at the time of signing up for social media marketing.

  • The main aim is recognition for your product/service. Building an image for your brand is the central objective.
  • If you have a strategy to accelerate your presence on Explore, you can easily generate more engagement and likes for your firm.
  • Simultaneously, you can increase your scope to sell new items, acquire you followers, convert them into customers, and in totality, connect with a much bigger traffic.
  • Ultimately, optimizing the Explore tab is primarily about knowing how to interact with your audience in the right manner.
  • Do remember that the content appearing on the page depends on your interactions with your target customers on the app.

Personalizing your tab

Since it’s a personalized feature, showing up to an individual doesn’t imply that others will view content on the same pitch or page as well. There are some IG inputs that can decide the type of Stories appearing in your Explore:

  • The strongest component is the content the viewer likes and follows in the feed.
  • Videos have the bandwidth to get higher ranking than photos since audio-visual content in Explore gets more traction. However, awe-inspiring photos will always beat ordinary videos.
  • Stories high in visual content, but low in text will surely get more preference.

Stories whose content is similar to a creator’s feed posts are most likely to feature in Explore. Do note that IG algorithm demotes certain contents like reposts of others’ feeds.


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