Starting A Fashion Blog With Instagram To Gain More Traffic

If you want to gain more traffic to your fashion site as well as make the best out of the social platforms, the mots productive way is to start a fashion blog with Instagram. However, if you want to get the desired results you will need to know a few things and trends that should be followed in 2019.

Over the years, it is social media that has taken the blogging world by storm. There are different social media networks that you can choose and use to compliment all other traditional blogs and turn these into a full-fledged micro blogging platform of its own.

  • Just like all the fashion bloggers, you too can take your Instagram feeds to a new level than the actual blogs.
  • You will also be able to put more effort through blogs to capture, caption and post the perfect photo.

For an improved result you can also follow the steps of the digital fashionistas to gain more followers for Instagram and become more of an influencer than a blogger simply. This will ensure that you gain more sponsored brand deals as well as make the process of monetizing your Instagram feed much more easily than ever.

Making money on Instagram

As a fashion blogger you can raise traffic to your site as well as make huge sum of money through your Instagram posts. Apart from the sponsorship fees, your social media and Instagram feed may also help you to receive lots of free clothing and accessories from different brands.

If you are into fashion business, you can make money through your Instagram posts by your fashion and style showcases. All you have to ensure is that your posts gain the desired attention which is actually the secret to Instagram success.

The most significant factor in your Instagram success is the number of followers that you have on this platform. This is important because several brands pay for that number of views of your posts.

  • According to research, any Instagrammer that has a few hundred or thousand followers may earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 for each post and
  • When your follower count reaches to millions for your page you can earn anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000 for every single post.

These figures are however apart from the exclusives that you may also earn as a fashion blogger or an owner of a fashion business and site.

The great thing in it

You may wonder what is so great about being an influencer or a fashion blogger. Well, it is the innumerable opportunities that you will have to reach out to more people and direct them to your site and increase the number of footfalls. In addition to that, there are also a few other specific benefits of being a fashion blogger:

  • You will get invited to different fashion shows and events
  • You will get a better chance to review clothes and makeup but most importantly
  • You will get discovered much too easily in the Google search results.

In fact, fashion blogging using Instagram or any other social media platform for that matter is the best way to gain a strong foothold in fashion industry which by itself is very hard a feat.

In addition to that, blogging will also help you to extend your Instagram profile which will in turn not only enable you to gain a higher ranking in Google and get discovered much easily but will also help you to shape a more loyal connection with your customers.

If you look at the monetary factor, this will help you to charge more money for your sponsored posts.

Choosing a blogging platform

When you choose a platform for fashion blogging, just make sure that you choose the best and most popular one so that you can reach out to more people in an instant.

  • According to research, if you consider only the blogs there are about 76.5 million of it and
  • About 17 posts are published in these sites every second all around the world.

This means that you will need to manage your content well and the best way to do so is to use a proper Content Management Systemor CMS. This will provide both the shell as well as the skeleton for your blogs.

  • The CMS will enable you to control the look of your blog as well as its functionality and performance.
  • It will also spare you from the trouble of knowing the coding requirements of the complicated programming.
  • It will also allow you to include and manage the content of your blog.

You will just need to make sure that you choose the best platform from the limited options that includes WordPress, Drupal and Joomla wherein is the most extensively used platform and ranks one in terms of trust and popularity.

Follow the main idea

You must follow the main objective of Instagram platform when you want to use it for your fashion site. This includes gaining more views, followers and likes that will help you to connect with more people.

  • In order to gain all these, you will need to understand the type of fashion blogger you want to be. For this you will need to know your strengths and chief interests.
  • In addition to that you will also need to know and focus on your main message as well as the concept that you want to follow.

It will also be much easier for you to find your target audience and gain more followers fast or find the advertisers from who you want to earn money and become a top influencer in the fashion world.

You will also need to make a proper content planning to post on Instagram. This will help you to create a content that will perform constantly. The plan must include cyclical photoshoots to ensure best looks and the content contains the best reviews as well of some of the best fashion designers.

One of the best ways to make money and gain more traffic to your fashion site is to experiment to ensure diversity in your content.

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Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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