Making Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom A Fun Way To Get Your Child Involved

Children are visual creatures. They love bright and colorful things. Dull colors and items do not excite them. Children also store a lot of energy within them and when left with nothing to do, they would get involved in all sorts of mischief resulting in chaos within the house. As a parent, I am sure that this is the last thing you want in your home. You, therefore, have to come up with creative ways to keep your children busy and one of the best activities that you can get your kids involved in is decorating their rooms. Since your kids will be spending most of their time in their rooms, getting them involved in the decoration is a great way to bring their creativity and uniqueness into play. Your kid’s bedroom is not just their sleep quarters but their play areas as well, and you should factor this in the decoration as well. Here are great tips on how to make decorating your child’s bedroom a fun way to get your child involved.

child room

  1. A blackboard wall.

Repainting your child’s room is a great way to decorate your kid’s room. However, rather than going with normal paint on all the walls, you can pick one wall and paint it with blackboard paint.  The advantage of this goes beyond giving the room a fresh look in that the wall painted with blackboard paint can be used as a learning tool. Homework and school assignments can be written on the wall to serve as reminders. You can also use the wall to teach your kids math and explain other concepts using diagrams. When painting the room, you can get your kids involved by letting them help you mix the paint and painting portions of the wall.

  1. Picture walls are a great way to get your child involved.

This is another way to get your kids involved in room decoration. They can make designs of different images on paper and hang them on a thread on one of the walls. Since all the materials needed for this decoration move are items that you can find in your home or can be purchased at your local store, this decoration move is, therefore, cheap and cost effective. The children will also be amused to see their creations on display and this could spur further creativity in them.

child room1

  1. Dual-purpose beds.

Since kid’s rooms serve a lot of purposes, it’s advisable to decorate your kid’s room with multi-purpose items for greater versatility. You can add a baby cot mattress that can be used for sleeping at night and as a sofa during the day.

  1. Organize appropriately.

The playful nature of kids could result in disorganized rooms. Disorganized rooms are a safety hazard as well since misplaced toys and furniture can trip and injure the kids and other people in the rooms. The messy nature of disorganized rooms also makes any decorations within the room not to stand out. When organizing your child’s room, get your kids involved and let them know where to keep their toys when they are done with them. It also teaches them the essence of proper organization and management. It’s advisable to have a storage unit within the kid’s room where your kids will store their toys and learning materials.

child room2

  1. Create mini learning centers in the kid’s rooms.

Your kid’s room should not just be sleep and play centers. They should use their rooms for their homework and learning activities. This necessitates that you set up a learning center in your child’s room. For this, you will need a table, a chair and probably a table lamp. Get your kids to help you when you are shopping for these items and setting them up. Let them pick the furniture in the colors that they like as this will make them eager to use them for learning purposes.


When decorating your child’s room, it is also advisable to get the children involved since after all, they will be spending most of the time in those rooms. Involving them also provides you with a great opportunity to bond with your child.


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