Large Scrabble Game For Your Yard

The Scrabble game shown is a bit fancy buy you can do this at home. You take walking stones that measure 12 x 12 or 10 x 10 and make a 15 stone by 15 stone patio.

With wood (use thin board to thick board depending on your budget and make the following tiles the same size as your paving stones size.

  • 4 blank tiles (scoring 0 points)
  • 1 point: E ×24, A ×16, O ×15, T ×15, I ×13, N ×13, R ×13, S ×10, L ×7, U ×7
  • 2 points: D ×8, G ×5
  • 3 points: C ×6, M ×6, B ×4, P ×4
  • 4 points: H ×5, F ×4, W ×4, Y ×4, V ×3
  • 5 points: K ×2
  • 8 points: J ×2, X ×2
  • 10 points: Q ×2, Z ×2

Hand paint or use stencils to make the coordinating letters and points for the tiles. use your own style and paint the tiles background in vibrant colors or color pallet of your choice. Letters could be any font – they don’t HAVE to be identical to the Scrabble font and colors.

Using a scrabble board you will make tiles the same size as your paving stones and make the triple, double tile  designs. These can be placed before your game starts. Again use your imagination and place the tiles in any position to make each game unique.

Store all tiems in a dry place to prevent warping, paint peeling and mildew.


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