Living Room Lighting For Every Purpose

Lighting can greatly influence your everyday life. We all know how different light can affect your mood, set the atmosphere, and highlight or hide different aspects of space, so here is how to achieve the desired look in your house. Here are five different types of lighting and each can have a place in your living room, so take a look.

home-2112652_960_720General lighting

General lighting is usually overhead lighting that you use during the evening to provide you with sufficient light. Some living rooms which have a lot of natural light don’t need any artificial light during the day, but during the night, it’s necessity. General lighting is great if you want to create a pleasant atmosphere and provide your room with an even layer of light. To ensure you’ll always get the amount of light you need, install dimmers or enrich the space with floor lamps or scones.  Watch out how you position your TV because overhead lighting can cause a distracting glare.

home-1575226_960_720Accent lighting

If you want to draw attention to a certain part of your living room, such as a piece of art, some architectural element, a bookshelf or a fireplace, use accent lighting. A good way to accentuate your artwork is by installing track lights and a good option for highlighting plants or architecture is by using uplights placed on the floor. There’s one important thing to have in mind when installing accent lights – its brightness. Ideally, the accented part of the room should be around five times brighter than the surrounding space in order to achieve the desired effect.

Task lighting

Task lighting is used in the parts of the living room that are reserved for reading or writing. This type of lighting requires a brighter light so that you can do any task comfortably and without any strain on your eyes. Task lighting can be provided by standing lamps or table lamps that are adjustable and placed as near as possible to the area where you do the task. Apothecary style lamps are the favorite choice of many interior designers and you can’t go wrong with it. They are very focused and are practical because they can easily be moved around with the furniture.


Ambience lighting

If you want to create a specific atmosphere, ambience lighting is the way to go. It’s a great way to illuminate your home without drawing too much attention to the light source. It’s a subtle way to create a certain warm glow to your living room and make it cozy and inviting. Since ambience lighting is delicate and not “in your face”, you will probably use it a lot through the day even if you get a lot of sun like in Australia. Because of the frequent use it’s a good idea to use energy-saving bulbs and install dimmers. This can be tricky to do by yourself so you can call your local expert, such as Sydney Local Electricians to make your life easier.

apartment-1851201_960_720Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is a way to add something extra to your living room. With table lamps you can add colour, texture, shine and style to your living room. Each piece can have a story and can add to the dominant design of the room. With decorative lights, you can also make the space feel softer, cozier and more intimate. Different chandeliers and pendants can create that homey atmosphere, whereas table and standing lamps can personalize the space and add a little flair to it.

Since the living room is usually the social centre of any home, the type of lighting you choose is very important. So, go and light up your living room and let it shine bright like a diamond.


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