Top 7 Tips To Make Your Home A Safer Place For Your Family

Your home is the place where you and your family should feel completely safe and protected from possible accidents and potential intruders. The truth is that you cannot safeguard your home against everything, but you can bring its safety close to perfection with just a few simple steps. You shouldn’t worry about leaving your children at home, so you should do everything in your power to protect and provide them with a safe environment.


Make Your Home Healthier

The safety of your children doesn’t depend solely on alarm systems and other burglar-proof measures. You also need to provide them with a healthy and toxin-free home that will be a stimulating and enjoyable environment. Thus, you need to reduce the indoor air pollution by adding houseplants and high-quality air purifiers and use chemical-free cleaning products thus turning your home into a greener, more sustainable and, therefore, healthier environment.

Install a Security System

The statistics show that houses with security systems are an effective deterrent to burglars, reducing the risk of burglary. In order to maximise the safety of your home, you should consider installing an alarm system, as well as surveillance cameras or motion-sensor cameras. Certain areas, such as dark passages or backdoor entrances, are weak spots, so installing surveillance cameras here will make them much safer.

Additionally, you should place warning signs to send the message to potential burglars that your home is protected, but make sure not to reveal which type of security system you have. Even homes with only mock security systems are less likely to be broken into, because burglars won’t test their luck.


Safeguard Your Home Against Fire

Another essential home safety measure is fireproofing your living space. This step is of utmost importance, especially if you have children at the age of five or younger since they cannot escape on their own. You should install smoke alarms on every floor and have a multipurpose fire extinguisher. In addition, you should outline an emergency escape plan in case of fire and have a contact number of an emergency service within your reach.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Your neighbours can be a huge help when it comes to protecting your home against burglars, so you should get to know them, especially if you’ve just moved to a new neighbourhood. They can watch over your house while you’re away, check it from time to time or pick up your newspapers to help you create an illusion of occupancy. Of course, you should return the favour and watch over their house when they need it. You can also join or start a neighbourhood watch program and keep your area safe together.


Secure Your Doors and Windows

Locking your doors and windows isn’t enough, so you’ll need to apply some additional security measures. You can opt for security doors with a peephole and deadbolts or place a metal bar at the bottom of sliding doors and windows. When it comes to windows, you should reinforce them with security screens, films or roller shutters. Additionally, you can install lockable windows in order to maximise the safety.

Illuminate Your Home

In the majority of cases, burglars will attempt to break into a home when no one’s there, and lighting is a major indicator of occupancy. A possible solution is leaving several lights on when you’re not home, but many burglars observe a house before breaking in, so they might recognise the pattern. A more efficient solution is installing outdoor motion sensor lights and indoor lights on timer that will turn on and off randomly in order to create an illusion of occupancy.


Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

Although this tip might seem banal, the estimates show that in approximately 30% of burglaries, intruders enter through an unlocked door or window. This is the simplest security measure that anyone can apply. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you teach your children not to leave external doors unlocked even when you’re home. Before leaving your home, check whether you’ve locked all the doors and windows.

Protecting your home against burglaries and home fires, and making it toxin-free is of utmost importance for your family’s safety. With the help of these simple steps, you can quickly turn your home into a healthy, safe environment.

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