The Trendiest Swimming Pool Design Ideas For 2017

Let’s face it, there are few things in life that can beat a refreshing morning swim, cooling off on a scorching summer’s day or a wild weekend pool party with friends and family. However, swimming pools have come a long way from simple holes in the ground. So much so, that nowadays swimming pool fads change every year. Still, some of them stick and can last for decades. If you’re considering starting 2017 with a splash, then allow one of these trendy swimming pool designs to inspire your choice.

image-2Natural Pools

Chlorine and other chemicals associated with pools have a damaging effect on the environment. Luckily, 2016 has seen natural pools enter the market, which is set to become this year’s biggest trend. Instead of chemicals, natural pools use an ecosystem of aquatic plants to help clean the water, making them as eco-friendly and green as it gets. Best of all, they can take any shape and size, and with less maintenance costs they are cheaper than any traditional pool available.

Infinity Edge Pools

If you are looking to splash around with style and make a statement, you should consider a swimming pool with an infinity edge. Usually found in luxury resorts, vanishing edge or negative edge pools, as they are also known, are now available for private use, as well. Still, an infinity edge remains an expensive setup, and is really ineffective unless you have a view worth exploiting. However, if you meet the criteria, you simply can’t beat this swimming pool design with any other alternative.


Spools might have entered the arena last year, but now they are becoming cheaper to install and maintain. Essentially, spools combine all the benefits of a swimming pool with the relaxing features of a spa hot tub. Their biggest draw is their compact size, which is ideal for smaller gardens and yards. Spools might not be a swimmers dream, but they are ideal for a mom and dad looking to play with their kids, or a romantic ending to a date.

Plunge Pools

Typically used as a refreshing end to a sauna, the latest plunge pool designs are now deeper and better than ever before. These deep swimming pools can generally take any shape or size, making them ideal for backyards. The only issue might be how deep you are willing to make your plunge pool, as that is mostly determined by the underground soil and pipes. Still, if you’re fond of diving, you can increase the basic depth of your plunge pool by extending its edge above ground level.

Beach Entry Pools

In case you want to have a beach side experience every day of the week, without traveling to distant tropical destinations, consider a beach entry swimming pool. The zero depth entry is especially great for families with small children, yet to learn how to swim. The shallow entry point allows for a smooth transition into the deeper area of the pool, and can even be lined with sand or pebbles, ideal for relaxing after a swim.


Baja Shelves

Another innovation in pool design which is going to hit boiling point in swimming pool design this year are the Baja shelves. Also known as tanning ledges, Baja shelves allows you to soak up the sun without getting fully submerged in the water, with the help of the built-in sunbeds. It also separates the pool into two halves – a deep end, and a shallow area, making it both trendy and stylish, but also family-friendly.

These are just some of the hottest pool design trends for 2017, but the list goes on and on. Keep in mind, there have never been so many options to choose from than right now. Make you choice, and enjoy a year-long pool party right from the comfort of your own backyard.



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