Three Ways To Showcase Your Family History

Our families are one of the primary reasons we feel the need to get out of bed every day. While we all tend to fight, argue and disagree, there is always a special bond and love that will carry through the generations.

Many of us may have a family tree tucked away in a box in a dusty attic or created a genealogy tree online. It is time to bring that family tree to the forefront of your decorating. No longer do you have to keep your family roots hidden in a corner of the attic. Yes, that even includes bringing creepy Uncle Edgar out for everyone to see.

Here are three ways to bring your family history to life with beautiful wall art decor.

Family Vinyl Wall Decal

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to begin your decorating journey is with a family vinyl wall decal. These vinyl decals are perfect for those who are not quite confident with their art or decorating skills. One of the best types of decals for a project like this is a tree.

The decals are easy to place on the wall. Simply peel off the backing and place the tree on the wall, smoothing until you are satisfied that all the air bubbles have been removed. Once the tree has been placed on the wall, you can begin placing your family history. One of the easiest ways to do this is by printing out small pictures and placing them in either matching or eclectic frames and hanging them from the branches.

Creating a Gorgeous Mural

Another option is to create a mural as big as you need. Keeping in line with the above vinyl wall art tree, you can easily paint a tree that is designed for your family. This tree can grow as large or as small as you desire.

Keep in mind you do not have to be the perfect artist for a project like this. Take a few moments sketching some trees in a pad until you have a design you are happy with. Make sure to get the whole family involved in the drawing or painting aspect. Once the tree has dried on your living room wall, you can accent it with words or phrases created with vinyl wall art, and it is once again time to add the family photographs to the wall. To make this project a little easier, it is fine to not paint individual leaves on the tree. You may find that drawing and painting branches is a much easier process!

Simple Family Tree Lettering

If the thought of placing a giant literal family tree is not exactly to your liking, you can still create a similar concept with a series of pictures of your family history. One of the easiest ways to create a photographic family tree is by creating three rows of pictures and fill the wall from top to bottom. You can use vinyl letters at the top of the tree to denote “The Jones Family” if you desire.

Using Furniture and Antiques

While vinyl art is perhaps the easiest way to create a living family tree in your home, it is not the only way. It is always possible to use existing furniture already found within your home. Perhaps you have a set of shelves or a china cabinet that is gathering dust in the home. It can be refurbished as a home to place all of your family members from the past and present. Use the top shelves for the founding members of your family and the lower rows for parents, children and grandchildren.

In addition, this is an excellent way to showcase special mementos and memories of people from your family who have passed on. Perhaps you have your grandfather’s favorite pipe or an aunt’s necklace, place it next to the photograph. This allows you to visit and share special memories every day.

The key takeaway from creating a family tree art project is to simply use your own creativity and imagination. This is a perfect way to showcase the family you love and are proud of.

About the Author

Aric Shelby personally designs high-quality vinyl wall art for use in homes and commercial spaces. With a wide selection of designs at a variety of price points, it’s easy for consumers to find exactly the style they need to make their spaces look spectacular when searching Aric’s designs. View them all at




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