Storage Idea For Squirt Bottle Cleaners


This is a great way to store all for your cleaner squirt bottles, use space under the sink that can go unused, and make room for even more under the sink. This idea can be used with a spring shower curtain rod – not the one for a bathtub which would be too long for this project – but made shorter for just a shower stall. I also suggest rod holders for each end to prevent the bar from slipping once you get the weight hanging on it from all of the squirt bottles you will hang there. You can also use an old rake or broom handle (to up-cycle/recycle) if available or you can have a pole cut from metal or wood at a local lumber yard to the exact size. Do’nt limit this idea to under the sink – think about other places you could do this such as over a washer dryer etc.

Please take a moment and comment and let us know what you think - or if you have some information to share about this topic.!

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