Halloween Photo Holder


  • Creatology™ Wiggle Eyes
  • Sandpaper
  • Craft Smart® All Purpose Glue
  • Paper Plate
  • Paper Towels
  • Craft Smart® Paint Brush
  • Craft Smart® Acrylic Paint – Bright Blue
  • Craft Smart® Acrylic Paint – Citron
  • Creatology™ Craft Boa
  • 3M® Blue Painter’s Tape
  • Creatology™ Foam Sheet – White
  • Blunt Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Crayola® Markers
  • Lara’s Crafts® Roundhead Plugs
  • Unfinished Wood Photo Stand


  1. Sand photo stand until smooth. Wipe dust off with damp paper towel.
  2. Cut two small pieces of painter’s tape and wrap around base of wire photo holders.
  3. Paint photo stand and two roundhead plugs with two coats of Bright Blue, allowing paint to dry between coats. Peel off painter’s tape.
  4. Tape off lines as shown and paint two coats of Citron Green, allowing paint to dry between coats. Remove tape.
  5. Glue wiggle eye to top portion of block. Glue roundhead plugs to sides of block.
  6. Draw a smile lightly with pencil. Trace over with black marker.
  7. Cut out small foam squares for teeth and attach to face.
  8. Cut a 3-inch length of green boa and attach around the bases of the wire photo holders with glue.

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