Frozen Tid-Bits

Frozen Sweets
If you’re an ice-cream fanatic like I am, you’ll love preparing a luscious batch your­self. But when you want it fast, there’s al­ways something tempting in the grocer’s freezer. Let these reminders help you grab the one you need. •Ice cream is a rich mix­ture of cream, milk, at least 10% milk fat, along with sugar or other sweeteners. •Ice milk contains less milk fat and milk solids than ice cream does, making it lighter and lower in calories than its heavier cousin.
• Frozen yogurt can be made from whole milk or low-fat and nonfat milk sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners. These products can be lower in fat but not neces­sarily lower in calories.
• Sherbet is usually made from sweetened fruit juice, milk, and water.
• Sorbet contains no milk, a good choice for those who need to stay away from dairy products.
• Granita is water and sugar combined with fruit juice, wine, or coffee. This one is a firm slush of icy crystals.

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