Can Remote Work Be Your Retirement Alternative?

The retirement used to mark the end of someone’s career. This was a happy occasion, where people would throw a party, eat cake, drink and then watch their retired coworker ride off into the sunset where hobbies, family, free time and travel were waiting for them. A pretty picture, isn’t it? And in theory, this is what the retirement should be. However, the reality is much different than the dream.

The quality of life has improved and people live much longer into their retirement. While this should be a good thing, financial troubles are mounting and making retirement really unrealistic for people. Many professionals don’t consider pension the adequate amount of money for a good and healthy lifestyle in the senior years. In fact, Social Security has become mainly a supplement income than a central source of income. Adding to this, lines between the private life and the business, professional life are blurring. More employees are adapting their schedules to make them more flexible and work arrangements are much different now than they used to be. Often there is no need for people to come into an office, they can work from home and do so comfortably. People also think that all of the retirement activities can happen along with work – seeing the world, spending time with your family or doing hobbies.

“Retirement is no longer that shiny thing waiting for us at the end of the road. It’s something most people fear or dislike. We want to keep working, especially if we love our careers and enjoy our work. So, how can the market change to fit these new requirements of aging professionals.”, says Zara Fox, employment agency specialist at EliteAssignmentHelp and Revieweal.

Remote work is one option that could fit many older people looking to still earn an income and have fun with their work. Here are some of the options that you should consider before you retire:

Part-Time Jobs

As a start, if you have some technical skills and some familiarity with technology, you can go from working full time in an office to working part-time from home. Your experience and abilities could still benefit your team well into the senior years. You can bring new values and knowledge to your team. Plus, you have the free time to enjoy new activities and learn more about your industry. As  a rule, the money is never the only bonus when it comes to the job. If you remain socially and mentally engaged, you are less likely to develop dementia and other cognitive issues.

Project based work

“You probably have a vast number of contacts and your network is probably huge because you have spent so many years in your industry. This gives you plenty of opportunities for contract work and project based work which you can do remotely while travelling or being at home. It’s much easier to find options through your own private networks than through any other channel.”, says Ezra Holmes, HR representative at UKWritings and Essay Services.

You can also get more profit and higher pay this way. Plus, the competition is much lower this way.

You can advise people

Professionals that are retiring have plenty of experience and knowledge that can give them the right to the position of advisor, specialist or consultant. They have seen, led and experienced many things which makes them the perfect person for this position. They can remain in their workplace as a remote advisor or on-call advisor. They can also apply to be specialists in startups or new and small companies which need someone more experienced to help them. It can provide a secure income and allow seniors to use their expertise for good.

Coach employees or teams

Another interesting opportunity to use your expertise is to coach teams in your industry or niche. Many professionals need strategic guidance and they need someone to help them map out their careers. If you have decades of experience in the industry, you can easily find this kind of work which can also be done remotely, through video conferences, chatting, phone calls and so on. It can also be done in person. As a bonus, you are making a positive impact.

People who retire don’t have to stop working. Of course, some people will enjoy their sunset years but most will want to stay social and aware of their industry. They will also want to continue improving, growing and learning new things. However, the industry has to support them as well, by hiring them and respecting their expertise. In addition to this, they could have speaking opportunities as well as some alternatives like blogging, writing a book, having a Youtube channel where they can share their advice and so on. You don’t have to retire if you don’t want to – stay updated on new opportunities.

Madeline Miller works as a career coach, tutor and writer at Dissertation writing service and Custom Assignment. She enjoys helping people find their dream job as well as creating articles about things that excite her for Best essay writing services.


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