How to Bring The Workplace Atmosphere Into Your Home Office

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Working from home is like a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional offices. Not many people have the opportunity to work remotely, but those who do aren’t always as efficient as they are at their workplace. This is natural considering that at home we have so many distractions and chores we want and need to do that we sometimes get carried away.

Focusing on your work while you take care of your children or cook your lunch isn’t easy. To prevent disasters from happening, you should try to bring the workplace atmosphere into your home office. That will boost your effectiveness, improve your focus and workflow. Sounds impossible?

Designated only work zone

Do you have a separate work area? Just because you have the freedom of organising your working hours and space however you like, that doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect some formal aspects.  They exist for a reason! So, the next time you think you can cook lunch and be on an important call at the same time, think twice! Working from home requires the same efficiency as a regular workplace, but needs better focus.

Depending on the type of work you do, you can choose different spaces as your workspace. It would be ideal if you had a spare room to use as your office. That’s how you’ll separate your private and business persona. In case you deal with a lot of paperwork with no place to store the files inside your house, consider using a basement or an attic as a storage room.

By creating a separate only work zone, you bring a sprinkle of your workplace atmosphere to your home. It’s the place where all the formal work-related things are done, while the personal issues are kept outside of that zone.

Block out the distractions

Working from home allows us more freedom than working from the office. You aren’t under the constant pressure of being caught by the supervisor if you decide to take a break and scroll through social media. However, at the home office, you’re your own supervisor and boss. 

You’re probably aware that multitasking is not the ideal method of work. Even though multitasking seems like a great option of finishing two or more tasks at the same time, you’re not paying enough attention to either of those tasks. This results in less quality and more mistakes. That’s why you need to stop scrolling through social media, texting or playing games while working.

If you want to pay undivided attention to the work you do, minimise the distractions. Turn off all the devices you don’t use for your job. You don’t need your mobile phone? Turn it off or the place is somewhere out of reach. Close the office door if possible. Ask your household or family not to bug you while you’re in the office. That’s the only way you’ll be able to undisturbed do your job.

Remove the clutter

Many workplaces have a special rule where no clutter is allowed on the desk. Whether we like it or not, it’s a useful hack for keeping your work environment clean and distraction-free. Besides your desktop computer or a laptop, what are other necessities you need to have on your desk?

Having too many papers, devices, glasses, etc on your desk may make it hard for you to find exactly what you need. Even the important files and documents can prevent you from doing your tasks on time. For a better organisation, try keeping all the necessities such as chargers, batteries, headphones, pencils and similar in a separate drawer or a bag. Everything should have its designated space.

Even though people who claim to thrive in the messier environment exist, some rules need to be followed; even if you’re working from home. For better productivity, increased creativity and workflow, keep your home office neat and tidy.

Light is essential

Did you know that the light has a great influence on the way you work and how you feel? Most people are moody and unproductive when the clouds are grey and there is no sunshine. On the other hand, natural light usually lifts your mood, makes you less cranky, tired and increases your effectiveness.

That’s why most companies invest in large windows to let more natural light inside. In addition to that, more windows usually mean more fresh air, clearer thinking and better mood. If you’re not able to install large windows in your home office, make sure that there are other sufficient sources of light.

Invest in LED light bulbs that are eco-friendly and pleasant to the eyes. With enough artificial light source, you’ll be able to create that formal and professional atmosphere in your home office. Strong light helps you focus on important things and do work effectively.

Don’t neglect the time management

Working from home gives you the freedom to organise your work however you’d like. You can start your day late or finish earlier if you do all your tasks on time. However, you need to find a balance between overworking and taking too many breaks during the day. How can you do so?

The first thing in the morning or by the end of your workday you need to do is create a to-do list for the following day. That’s one of the best time management techniques for remote workers. Keep in mind that the optimal number of tasks depends on your organisation and time management. So, for a greater sense of accomplishment, opt for fewer tasks than and celebrate little victories.

If you’ve ever worked in the traditional office, you probably know that most employees organise their time around the lunch break. Don’t forget to include 1 big and a couple of smaller breaks during your working hours.

Personalise your space

Is working from home making you feel anxious and disconnected from the job? Try personalising your home office. Many companies allow their employees to bring up to three personal items to their workplace. Why don’t you do the same?

Having a formal, clutter-free office is great, but if you feel no connection to your home office, your whole mood or productivity will go down the drain. Personalising your office means making it more comfortable for you and your clients if they come to visit. Try painting the walls, add comfortable furniture or even fancy welcoming mats.

To complete the office atmosphere, add durable personalised door mats that will make anyone who crosses the threshold feel welcome. Personalised mats contribute to the more professional look of your home office. They create an amazing first impression and tell a unique story of the business you do. Besides that, doormats keep your office and the house clean, so make sure they are placed at every entrance and high-traffic area.

Add finishing touches and décor

Some people thrive in completely neat offices, while others find inspiration in the things around them. If you’re the type of the person who dislikes naked walls, empty window sills and boring rooms without decoration, consider adding décor and cute finishing touches that will improve your efficiency and imagination.

Search for fun home office ideas that will inspire you to decorate and design the workplace of your dreams. The style of your office doesn’t have to match the style of the rest of the house. It’s your work oasis where you feel comfortable and motivated to do your tasks.

Adding plants, paintings and bookshelves is always a good idea. You keep it simple, yet powerful enough to positively influence your workflow. These and similar types of décor are professional and formal enough to spark up the work atmosphere, yet inspiring and moving enough to keep your creative juices flowing.


At first, glance, working from home may seem easier than heading to the office. However, you need to adapt your house or flat to work conditions. When you’re at home, getting distracted can happen quite easily. So, if you want to finish all the tasks, you need to minimise the distractions and focus solely on the work. If you organise your home office well, make it comfortable yet professional, without a doubt you’ll be more productive, creative and effective working from home.


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