Top 5 Books To Make Your Communication Skills To The Next Level

It’s no secret that exceptional communication skills are fundamental in all aspects of our lives. We need to communicate to thrive. Regardless of your current skills, there’s always room for improvement. In business, there’s a constant need for efficient communication because it is an opportunity for you to make an impression and stand out among colleagues, collaborators, bosses, and peers. Send the right message across a wider audience in the most humane way possible, and check out these 5 books that will help you hone and perfect your abilities.

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  1. On Speaking Well – Peggy Noonan

Exceptional speaking abilities is vital in business, and “On Speaking Well” is all about teaching you how do it. Delivering a speech might seem terrifying to many people because it involves getting judged; and we all being criticized. A good speech improves communication skills; it increases self-esteem and it give you confidence that what you’re saying is worth hearing. If your goal is to impress and make people remember you, this is the book you should read. The key is to go with the flow and not try too hard to impress. Stick to sharing information and facts you can back up with solid proof, and relax. Remain calm and be actionable – people will listen.

  1. How to Talk to Anyone – Leil Lowndes

Making an impression on someone can be challenging. In ‘How to Talk to Anyone’, Leil Lowndes emphasizes that you have 10 seconds to do it. Do you have what it takes to grab attention? The book teach readers how to refine and reshape their communication skills. Reading it, you’ll find out what magic qualities you need to make people respect you. Climbing up the corporate ladder is challenging, and the key to success is mostly related to how you communicate. Dealing with people and adapting yourself to each and every person that crosses your path is yet another thing you’ll learn to master by carefully reading “How to Talk to Anyone’.

  1. Talk like Ted – Carmine Gallo

“Talk like Ted” is a book about what techniques can make you become an extraordinary speaker. Sensible speaking abilities are fundamental for efficient communication at work and in your private life. To some degree, we all fear speaking in front of a crowd. But you don’t have that luxury in business, especially if you want to attain greatness. Gallo sets Steve Jobs as the perfect example in the book. He also mentions some of its best TED talks, highlighting on what everyone can do to strengthen their abilities, give up their fears, and just get the courage to get on a stage and talk effortlessly.

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  1. Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss

Why do we need to have negotiation skills to communicate? Can anyone become an excellent negotiator? In “Never Split the Difference”, Voss teaches the readers everything he needs to know about the art of negotiating effectively; in business and in personal life. He emphasizes on hardcore negotiations as if everything you have depends on your persuasion skills. To master negotiations, first you have to understand that it’s pure art. Not everyone can do it.

  1. Skill with People – Les Giblin

“Skill with People” is an all-in-one book that teaches reader everything they need to know about communication. Whether you have to talk to people, clients, or with your own boss, in the book you’ll find pertinent advice that makes talking easier and more productive. Dealing with people might seem tricky; but you have to do it in order to hone your communication skills as well. If there’s a topic you can’t really talk about, or are ashamed to talk about, in “Skill with People” you’ll learn to overcome all your fears.

Take your business communication skills to the next level by reading the most motivating books. The best are all about offering advice. You’ll learn valuable things along the way, and little by little holding a speech or talking to people won’t be that nerve-wracking anymore. Let other people wow you with their experiences, mistakes and lessons, and you’ll end up mastering the art of efficient communication in business.

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