Make Your Bathroom Safe for Kids

The fact is: children cannot look after themselves. Think back to your very own childhood – without a doubt, you can recall more than a couple of instances when you ended up hurt on account of your parents’ or guardians’ momentary lapse of attention. Of course, child injuries are impossible to completely avoid, but steps can be taken to keep them at bay. Now, bathroom is a part of any home that has a reputation for being dangerous for children, which is why you need to pay special attention here. We hope that this guide will help you in making your bathroom as safe as possible for the little ones.

bath-1677843_960_720Sharp Objects

Okay, so the bathroom may not contain as much sharp things as the kitchen does, but these items are still a threat here. We’re talking razors, scissors, clippers, tweezers, you name it! Well, although simply keeping these items out of children’s reach goes without saying, kids have a way of being hell-bent on reaching what they want at the moment. This is why keeping sharp objects locked away inside a cabinet is just as important as having this cabinet placed beyond their reach. Additionally, pay attention to water glasses, mirrors and other items made from glass. Forget about glasses, get plastic cups instead, and, when it comes to mirrors, well, keep them safely locked away with sharp items.


The concept of the invisible is extremely foreign to children (unless we’re talking imaginary friends) and electricity is among the top high-risk factors. Of course, you have been taught all about keeping your blow-drier away from the bathtub, but it’s important that you note that hair irons are equally dangerous near water. When it comes to the power outlets in the vicinity of your tub or sink, make sure that these are protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter and teach your children thoroughly about the rules of electricity.

The Toilet Lid Should Always Be Down

If there are toddlers in your home, the toilet lid should always be closed. Stumbling upon your kid casually sipping water from the toilet unfortunately isn’t the worst-case scenario here. Curious as they are uncoordinated, toddlers can easily lose their balance and dive into the toilet bowl. This scenario is even more worrying if you have plumbing issues, so make sure that you have your emergency plumber check for blocked drains whenever they make a visit! Finally, installing toilet locks is recommended.


The fact that your boiler can electrocute you while in shower may or may not be a myth, but it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to kids. Unfortunately, this isn’t the worst of it – your kid may turn the wrong faucet a tad too much while you’re not looking and they may end up with severe burns. The majority of boilers offer an option to set the heat to your preference, so you should aim at the ballpark of around 120 degrees max, just to be safe. Serious burns can occur in no more than three seconds after being exposed to hot water.

Never Leave the Kid Alone

Okay, so this might be applicable to the majority of scenarios that include children, but it is doubly true for the bathroom. You may want to go answer the phone or the door, thinking that your kid is safe and cozy, but bear in mind everything that was mentioned here – things can easily go awry!

Not thinking about all the bad things that can happen to your kid inside a bathroom is easier, but this is never the smart way to go – every parent knows this. Keep yourself informed and keep an eye on the little ones, they are very slippery!


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