Upgrade Your Home With These 4 Home Tech Solutions

You have lived enough in the dark ages. It’s time to make your life a whole lot easier by simply installing a couple of gadgets around your home. Regardless if you want a smart air conditioning system, virtual assistant or something else, smart home tech has advanced so much in the past couple of years and it has become affordable to almost everyone that there really is no reason not to upgrade your home. For all of you who don’t know what gadgets to get, we have put together a list of the most interesting ones to give you a little look at what smart home tech has to offer.

electronic_lock_with_number_padNo more keys

Keys are a thing of the past. Let us introduce you to keyless locks. With these locks, you won’t need stacks of keys for each door and you won’t need to worry about losing them and then having to change the lock.

Keyless locks have a couple of types. The first and the most popular one is a fingerprint reader lock. This technology was something we’ve only seen in the movies not so long ago, but today it is available to everyone. Install one of these cool locks and you will never have to worry about forgetting your keys. The second type is a key card lock. A bit older technology, but still infinitely more cool and secure than regular keys, the key card will let you store all your keys in one piece of plastic. Lastly, we have code locks. A lot of companies use this system, but it is making its way to residential buildings.

Control hub

If you hate having ten, twenty light switches around your house and memorizing what each turns on, then you should definitely install a central control station also known as control hub. You will have all your lights, appliances, basically every piece of electronics in your home under one perfectly-sized touch screen.

You can turn the lights downstairs, start your washing machine, increase the heating or cooling, turn on the computer, etc. Control hub lets you do all this and much more.

furniture-998265_960_720TVs built into the walls

Long gone are the days of TVs sitting on a TV stand in the middle of the room. Let us introduce you to wall-mounted TVs that are literally hidden behind the paintings. You may have seen this tech in some millionaire’s home, but today it is easily affordable to everyone.

You can get any type of flat screen TV, mount it behind the painting or inside of the wall and once you turn it on it will pop out. Also, there are a couple of technical things you need to check before you mount your TV in a wall. Go talk to Brisbane’s TV wall mounting experts and they will help you determine what you can and cannot do when mounting your TV.

Smart thermostat

Last on our list is the smart or automated thermostat. These things are great. Not only will it track the movement around the house and adjust the temperature according to what rooms are occupied or not, but it will also remember your schedule and heat up or cool down the house right before you get back from your work. On top of that, the smart thermostat will save you so much energy because it turns on and off depending if you are home or not.


And that is all from us. As you can see technology has come far and it’s only getting started. Who knows what we can expect in the near future, what gadgets will run our homes, but until then let’s enjoy what we have now.




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