My Share: IPhone 7 Case By Aulker


I don’t know about you but I am constantly dropping my IPhone 7 – just too much to juggle with a three year old, going to school, dropping her off at grandmas and errands. Too much in my hands as well which makes the phone vulnerable to dropping.


I think that is one of the reasons I like this case so well. It is made at a military style level of protection. The back shell of this phone case is made of premium soft TPU to absorb shock from drops. The frame edge of this protective case is made of durable hard PC to double the protection.

This case has a unique slot designed for your credit cards. The locking credit card slot can store your ID or credit cards while on the go. Easy to put the card in and take it out and the credit card slot door also acts as a fold-out kickstand, which holds your phone at adjustable angle for stable hands-free viewing. Watching videos on cell phone has never been this enjoyable!


This case is anti-fingerprints (because if you are anal like me you are always wiping your case), shock absorption, dust resistance and scratch resistance.  The clip is easy to take off and put on and it is designed with the user in mind to always make sure the controls are easily accessible.

This high quality lightweight iPhone case has cutouts to expose the speaker, charging port and camera, and prevents dust and scratches on the lens. Raised TPU bumper lifts your phone off flat surface, protecting screen against scratches and the raised camera cutout keeps the lens less likely to get scratched.



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