My Share: Digital Tire Gauge From TravelSafer

travelsafer-1-digital-tire-pressure-gaugeWhat a great little gadget – every car owner should have one. TravelSafer has created a handy tire pressure gauge that is extremely easy to use.


You will get accurate tire pressure readings wherever you are, even inside a dark garage.  This air pressure monitoring tool has a bright illuminated nozzle that’s helpful when you’re in areas with poor lighting conditions. You can also easily read tire pressure accurately thanks to the LCD screen. It’s important to keep tire air pressure at optimal levels to ensure a safe, comfortable ride as well as maximum fuel efficiency.


e Say goodbye to difficult-to-read tire pressure gauges with TravelSafer. This gauge makes tire pressure checking easier by showing you accurate readings instantly! You can check out your tires psi readings, and see which one needs to be filled up with air. You can be sure that your tires are all in tip-top condition every time you hit the road. a1You won’t need to call over a professional mechanic or visit a car shop to check up on your tire’s air pressure. The foolproof TravelSafer allows every driver, even the beginners, to easily read accurate tire pressure in four different measuring ranges – 0-100 psi, bar, kg/cm2, and kpa. It also has an auto-shut off feature to conserve battery life.

The TravelSafer Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is made with a sturdy plastic frame and reliable electronics that give off precise readings. Despite the solid construction, it is still incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just 2.2 ounces. You can conveniently store the TravelSafer inside your backpack or glove box.

I bought one for my step-dad – he has every tool imaginable. I talked to him to see if I could borrow a tire pressure gauge and he handed me an old stand-by manual one. He is definitely going to love this to add to his arsenal.



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