My Share: Deluxe Salt & Pepper Grinder Set


20161214_080219Chef Express has created a nice little package of a salt and pepper grinder. What makes this set really nice is that the salt grinder is a grinder and not a shaker. A shaker is just a boring and is usually what you find when buying a nice little set like this.

I have to say that I was disappointed when I received the set because one of the grinders was shattered – which is why you only see one in the photo. They are really good quality – really thick glass. But I was the unlucky one to get one busted.

The nice professional design is ideal for grinding all varieties of salts, sea salts, and peppercorns. Using fresh spices has never been easier! This pepper and salt grinder set will allow you to grind your spices to perfection thanks to the adjustable ceramic rotor, which allows you to choose from very coarse to super fine and in between. Stainless steel and glass design makes this an attractive addition to any kitchen – great for gifts!

You can keep spices fresh inside the salt and pepper mills with the sealing lid. Unlike other salt and pepper shakers that allow your spices to be exposed to moisture and dust, this  mill set keeps your spices as fresh as the day you bought them and with no residues on your table!

This nice set has a great design and features that eliminate the hassle of adjustment, cleaning, and refilling. Easy to use means that you will actually use them and the instruction guide inside ensures that you will feel confident doing so.

This sets clean design makes this salt and pepper set one that you will want to display. Other sets have a bulky design or are covered in unattractive logos and branding. This set made sure that this product is top of the line in function and design. The colorful box and packaging makes this a perfect Christmas gift friends and family will love to receive!



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