Do You Make These Simple Mistakes While Selecting Entrance Mats? – By Jason Phillips

Moisture and debris trapped inside homes or buildings can damage flooring surfaces severely. Basically, this mean you’ll have to mop, sweep and vacuum a lot more often. An entrance mat is the only support you have against harmful debris, dirt, and grit. This is a much cheaper solution than replacing floors. Furthermore, it’s a lot safer too; nobody likes to walk on wet floors. Entrance mats are not that expensive and they don’t even require a lot of attention.

Any type of facility, whether home or office buildings, demands entrance matting. They’re an excellent protective layer from falls and slips. Companies and homes should have such a mat at the entrance because they control the amount of dirt that enters that building; on top of that, they’re trendy and are available in all kinds of interesting models and designs. In special circumstances, entrance mats are also warning signs or advertising billboards. Considering they have such a diversified purpose, they do demand care and maintenance to function correctly and effectively. A lot of people don’t know how to purchase mats. They often make the mistake of buying the wrong size or they don’t think that material is important.


Invest in Adequate Mats

Entrance mats come in a wealth of qualities and types. When it comes to keeping floors protected, there’s no room for compromise. It is important to invest in a powerful entrance matting system. Generally speaking, there are 2 common types of entrance mats used. The first type is a blending mat that removes larger quantities of debris, moisture and dirt from people’s shoes. These have various tufting levels, which basically mean that they scrape the shoe very efficiently, removing dirt and trapping it on the mat.

The 2nd type of commercial matting system has a wiper or finishing at the bottom. It is best during the warm seasons when people’s shoes are mainly filled with dust. As a company, you are advised to opt for a matting system. Placed correctly in areas with intense traffic, these have the capacity to trap as much as 90% of dirt.


Periodic cleaning of your mats is mandatory

For a space to remain clean the owners must clean their mats periodically. Vacuuming a mat is the easiest way, although if you have anti static mats made of rubber, you can just shake them weekly and wash them every month with warm water. Dirt that gets trapped on a mat doesn’t spread throughout the premises of a home or building. If you make the mistake of buying a cheap mat, you’ll have to mop and vacuum the floor a lot more often to keep the air breathable.

Vacuuming mats properly – how to avoid mistakes

Many people don’t vacuum their entrance mats. They usually change them when they notice they are filled with dirt. This is a huge mistake because by the time you’ll notice the dirt, a large portion has already managed to lie on the floor of that building. Opt for vacuuming using a backpack or canister, or direct suction because the brush on upright vacuum cleaners has the capacity to stir up dust in various levels on mats with different styles and materials. Vacuums with direct suction provide deep cleaning; they use a carpet extractor when it’s impossible to wash them with pressure or hose them out. Avoid using soap during the process, or use in very small quantities. In wintertime, vinegar or a neutralizer are excellent; they remove salt residue thus keeping floors (and mats) protected. After you’ve cleaned them, make sure to leave them to dry. Don’t make the mistake of placing them back on the floor while they’re wet. Leave them on a fence to dry for a few hours.


Don’t postpone the replacement of a mat

Extending the life or a doormat is a mistake. At some point, you will be compelled to replace a current mat with a new one. Sadly, very few people know when to do that and most of them do it too late. When mats don’t get replaced on time, cleaning a whole building become a nightmare. You risk spending over $1000 in equipment and maintenance, and you certainly don’t want that to happen.


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