Candy Trains – Just Assemble

47811_10151556749075818_1470396812_nThese are really great – and they are super easy to assemble.


Mini-Snickers Bars, Reece’s Pieces OR M&M Plain, Teddy Grahams and either chocolate icing or 1 cup chocolate chips for melting

What Now:

Place Mini-Snickers out on parchment paper. Break 1/3 off of the bottoms of your Teddies. With a knife poke a hole for Teddy to fit it. With melted chocolate or chocolate icing dip Reece’s Pieces or M&M Plain candies into it and attach giving Teddy a steering wheel and wheels.

This would be great for a child’s party, or a little pick me up for school. Would also make a nice addition to  a festive dinner.

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