No More Junk Mail

Did you know that if you wanted to get rid of junk mail effectively, you must contact several companies?

National Do Not Call Registry: Telemarketers: This is a permanen list by the government of off-limit numbers.

Opt Out Services: Credit Card and Insurance Companies: The four major credit reporting companies will take you off their list. or 1-888-567-8688

Direct Marketing Association Mail Preference Service Program: All catalogs, magazine offers and circulars that come from this very large group. or 212-768-7277 ext. 1500

Valassis: All coupon inserts that come directly from this mail company. (click “contact us”) or 1-888-241-6760

Acxiom US: All phone, mail or email contacts that come from this company. or call 1-877-774-2094 ext.5

Catalog Choice: Unwanted catalogs. Register with this non-profit and they will contact businesses on your behalf.

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